Did you miss me?

While I enjoyed the hiatus that came along with Thanksgiving celebrations, I missed connecting with you through Niki’s Notes. I’m back again this week with new thoughts and ideas to help keep you recharged as a thoughtful leader.

And on that note, here’s the content I’m sharing this week:

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Upwardly Global 🌟

I heard about Upwardly Global from Adam Edwards and as someone who wants to see people in jobs they love, I became a fan of this do good organization committed to helping immigrants and refugees with degrees and professional work experience from their home countries overcome the systemic challenges that leave them un- or under-employed when they make the US their home. Upwardly Global is the first and longest-serving national organization that helps these individuals restart their careers and bring their skills and perspectives into the U.S. workforce. If you have positions you are having trouble filling here in the US, Upwardly Mobile may be an ally for your HR team.

Noteworthy 🖋
Who Gives a Crap

Yep, that’s really their name. And I absolutely love this company. It’s a B Corp that employs a non-stop sense of humor to get consumers to purchase its toilet paper, tissues, and an expanding list of new products, all made from eco-friendly materials. The first time I purchased from them, I was surprised to see a huge box on my front steps proclaiming, “Who gives a crap” in LARGE print. (My husband wasn’t as amused, but they grew on him.) Check out their website. As a marketer, I love how their branding stays consistent throughout your experience with them, from finding them on Google to hitting their .org website to making a purchase and then finding it delivered oh so fast. I wish more companies were like Who Gives a Crap.

Short and sweet—I hope this issue was a good read for you. Now get back out there! Stay cool, stay focused, and remember to take care of yourself to keep vibing high.


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