Let’s never lose our enthusiasm for “our job!”

Have you been taking good care of yourself? I hope so, because as a leader of people, you need to be at your best for you and for them. I trust you’re doing what you need to do. But if you’re finding it hard to find recharging time, perhaps this proverb will help: if you can’t find 20 minutes, find 60. You’re smart, I know you get it. 😉

Hodge podge this week, kind of like the week itself! 😊 Hope you find fortification and renewed energy in these shares:

  • OpenAI tossed the two women on its board—and other potential candidates who are women are talking about why they don’t want to join. Not a good situation for any of us, boards with women consistently outscore all-male boards, and AI is an area where all kinds of representation is needed.
  • How is your business leaning in to help others? I’d love to hear about any “under the radar” activities or even the big bold ones. I’m prompted to ask because this initiative by Lyft blew me away: they offer free car rides to people going to job interviews, with the support of Indeed, Goodwill®, and United Way. How cool is this?!?!
  • Oh, and here’s another one—I didn’t want to wait until next week to share this one too: Gmail boosts.
  • Business leaders are demanding employees return to the office — right in the midst of a crisis that’s making childcare more costly and inaccessible than ever for working parents. Reshma Saujani, Founder of Moms First and Girls Who Code, explains why a workplace that supports moms benefits everyone.” Right from the start she explains why the focus is on women. Lots of stats in 32 minutes you won’t want to miss if you’re leading a team. Listen here.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Toys for Tots 🌟

Quick quiz: what organization has distributed 652 million toys to 291 million deserving children? If you guessed Toys for Tots, you’d be right! The Marine Toys for Tots Program’s mission is to collect new unwrapped toys and distribute those toys to less fortunate children at Christmas. Learn how you can support them: Toys for Tots.

Noteworthy 🖋

Quick Q&A:

  • When you’re readying for a high-stakes presentation, who’s your sounding board? Who works with you to ensure you’ve crystallized your talking points and are presenting them in the best way possible to win?
  • How are your “speaking in the moment” skills? You know, for those times when someone important pops in and needs answers on the spot.
  • Who helps you prep for those tough conversations we all need to have from time to time with our direct reports?

Well, I have a brilliant resource for you for all the above and more: Michael Piperno and his team at Comvia. He’s masterfully taken his life’s experiences as a teacher, actor, and marketing agency executive and recast himself as a communications advisor whom every exec with growth in mind will want in their court.

All Comvia’s services, from one-to-one executive advisory and coaching to team workshops, have optimal communication at their core. And they’re all optimized to align with your business needs and resources. 

Michael’s been a valued ally for me—and my team—for over 7 years. If you’d like to talk with him about how he can help you and your team, here’s how to reach him on Comvia and on his LinkedIn profile. And tell him I said, “Hi!”

And on that very positive note, I’ll bid you adieu—until next week. Please stay strong and work your resilience muscle while exercising compassion—that’s a winning combination! But you already knew that. 



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