I had a thought…

What if we all did one more nice thing every day? Perhaps it’s holding a door or paying for someone else’s coffee. Imagine how much nicer, more vibrant our lives would be. Just a thought…. Anywho, here’s some news for ya!

  • And SNAP! Just like that. Snapchat has 2 new big partners:
    • Snap advertisers can monitor performance, optimize campaigns and events, and sync their product catalogs through BigCommerce.
    • Amazon’s got a hand in Snap-topia, as well. This partnership will allow users to try on different sunglasses. The cool part is that it will be integrated with product pages, so you’ll see real-time prices and if the items go out of stock.
  • When ad-free streaming first came out, many people were relieved to avoid those darned commercial breaks. Now with ad-supported streaming channels like Hulu and Paramount+, we’re back to having ads thrust upon us. This chart from eMarketer indicates TV viewers find these streaming ad breaks more reasonable than live TV but there are limits. E.g., only 46% of Peacock viewers feel the number of ads they see is reasonable.

Why We 💗 What We Do…

One of our clients, Fratelli Carli, was just rated among the best 20 Italian companies to work for, according to Corriere della Sera, in collaboration with the research company Statista. They’re committed to responsible progress in terms of quality products, as an employer, and more. Check them out!

  • Here ye, here ye! Google shall removeth-eth Similar Audience Segments August of 2023. Translation: Google will be relying more on automation and “more powerful, tested, privacy-centric automated solutions.” Read the scoop in Search Engine Land and learn more from Google.
  • Some Twitter users are seeking alternate platforms, including Mastodon. No, not rock band, Mastedon, but the decentralized social media network, Mastodon. Learn what’s up with the platform here.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 One Warm Coat 🌟

“Our mission is to provide free coats to children and adults in need while promoting volunteerism and environmental sustainability.” This national nonprofit holds coat drives and donations to protect people from the cold. They repurpose used outwear to stay as sustainable as possible. We’re sure you’ll warm up to their mission. Visit their website: One Warm Coat.

  • Look up in the clouds: it’s a bird, it’s a plane – no, it’s Google rebranding Data Studio to Looker Studio. The news of this move was announced last month but you may not have realized it until the logo on Data Studio dashboards changed this week. Of course there is going to be a Pro version now too, so looker out for Google to push upgrades.
  • 54% of B2B marketers say they expect to be spending more budget in 2023 in both content creation/strategy and digital marketing categories. Where will they be spending less? Account-based marketing (ABM). Marketing Charts has the full breakdown.

Sending positivity your way today and every day.



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