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We interrupt the day before the long holiday weekend with some important digital marketing announcements!

  • The move to GA4 is approaching. MarTech has a Q&A with the Director of Google Analytics on the migration from UA (Universal Analytics) to GA4. It’s a useful read to understand the thinking behind the move and the power of the new platform.
  • Twitter now faces an overall 88% reduction in staff since Musk’s has been in charge. No one knows how this is going to play out. All we can do is to continue to follow the blue bird through this uncertain, cutthroat time.
  • On a lighter note, national and state parks are offering free, all-terrain wheelchairs for those who need them. This makes me excited for all the possibilities this unfolds. 🍁
  • How are you analyzing your brand story in a broader cultural context? Rob Engelsman and his co-founder, Alexa Beck, from Quick Study created the helpful ACES acronym and infographic to help answer this crucial question.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Lend a Hand Uganda-USA 🌟

There is an urgent need to ensure that Uganda’s 3 million orphaned and vulnerable children have access to safe homes, nutritious meals, schooling, and stable communities. LAHU-USA is committed to facilitating and empowering sustainable change in urban and rural Uganda. The organization strives to give community members the tools, training, and support to maintain and grow each project and believes that this holistic approach fosters permanent change that will improve lives. Thanks to Petia Abdur-Razzaaq for telling us about Lend a Hand.

How can you help? Learn more here: Lend a Hand Uganda-USA.

  • Is Google having trouble sorting through the gobble-de-gook? Are search results getting less relevant? Here’s a perspective piece to contemplate.
  • MicrosoftTOK is what I’m calling this new feature. Microsoft Ads now supports video ads in their Audience Network. Get the full download here.

We hope this holiday weekend leaves you with happy hearts (and stomachs)! πŸ’žπŸ˜‹


Things we are grateful for at DBE:

  1. A supportive team
  2. Lovely clients
  3. A beautiful community of marketing professionals

Thank you all for making what we do possible. πŸ’—

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