It’s a wrap, y’all!

Just like Spotify, we’re wrapping up the year! We’ve had a wonderful time sharing the latest digital buzz with you, AND we cannot wait for a new year of hot digital marketing news to send your way! For now, let’s get this end-of-year party started! 🎉

  • Are you among the 43% of US B2B and B2C decision-makers who get their business-related or thought leadership content from business podcasts? Get the full breakdown of business-related content sources from this article and graphic via Marketing Charts.
  • Twitter is on the move again, starting with the re-launch of its Controversial $8 Verification Program. And guess what… iOS users are getting a price increase. Catch up with Social Media Today.
  • If you’ve got evergreen campaigns, you know that regular optimization is a must. Search Engine Journal does a good job with this tip list. We do most of these with our clients.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Marty’s Place 🌟

Marty’s Place provides love, care, and shelter to senior dogs without homes. This sanctuary allows older dogs to live their golden years out in a peaceful environment. Don’t you just love that? Learn more about them: Marty’s Place.

  • Google is running the first update of its helpful content system that launched in August 2022. This update reportedly will help Google identify more content created primarily for search engines vs. for helping people with content relevant to their needs. So, when you’re working on website optimization, remember people come first.

Why We 💗 What We Do…

This is more of why I love DBE… In this world where “business” is often associated with negative connotations like abusive power and greed, I love how DBE is able to give back. This year, we’ve had the opportunity to donate to 41 different charities. If you’re looking for more ways to “do good’ in your life, check out these upstanding causes: Do Good Spotlight Roundup.

  • Continuous scrolling is being rolled out for Google’s desktop search results. (This was done for mobile results back in 2021.) The intent is to encourage review of deeper search results by removing the search result “pages.” So, we will no longer be making jokes about hiding dead bodies on Page 2 of search results but it remains to be seen if people will really scroll deeper than the first 10 results (that previously were presented on Page 1).

Happy New Year! 🎊


🎂 Happy new year to you

😊 Happy new year to you

🎉 Happy new year to you and your digital marketing friends…

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