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What Google’s AI Overview Release Means for SEO and SAIO

By |05/22/2024|

ICYMI, Google announced the long-awaited public release of its Search Generative Experience (SGE) last week. Except it’s no longer called SGE but rather AI Overviews (apparently, SGE was its experiment name). The search marketing industry is buzzing about the ...

SEO vs. PPC, Twitter Alternatives, & Earthy Thoughts

By |05/03/2023|

Welcome! I don’t know about you, but April was beyond busy! Everyone in my friend circles agreed. It’s a new month though, so let’s wipe the slate. Take moments of pause when you need it. There’s wayyy too many studies ...

Year in Search 2022, Snap Ads, & Yahoo’s Promises

By |02/08/2023|

What’s groovin’? Another week with more juicy content to share. 🧃 Let’s dive in! Think with Google is out with their Year in Search 2022 trends and insights. Here’s the low-down: Their intro summary is "From redefining value and shifting ...