It’s the day-O for your favorite digital marketing newsletter! And have we got neeeewwwwss for you!

  • We’ve seen Google Ad’s exact match go from super-strict-to-the-keyword to a relevancy-schmelavancy technique. As Search pulls us more into a “keywordless” world, keyword match types are still a key way to hold onto highly relevant search terms. Search Engine Journal has the story.
  • Not sure you’ve seen, but Think With Google has a new sub-topic category in its nav bar – Automation. This month’s entry is “Does our marketing have the essentials to succeed with AI?” Here’s a key takeaway if you’re strapped for time: “AI is capable of multiplying business results and growth, but only when it’s paired with human expertise.”

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Firefighters Without Borders 🌟

The whole world has been impacted by the wildfires in Canada. Firefighters Without Borders is helping to equip firefighters with emergency response training and fire response equipment across Canada and the world. See what they do here: Firefighters Without Borders.

  • The Search 🔎 Wars: “Is Google past it’s search advertising prime?” This eMarketer chart shows Google’s share of non retail search spend has declined since 2021. Don’t fall for the clickbait headline though.
    Yes, Google’s share is down a tad since 2021…and, yes, Microsoft and Apple are on the upticks,…BUT Google still captures ~70% of the search spend. So to paraphrase a lotto motto, you still gotta be in it to win it.
  • You might have seen auto-reply messages in Instagram, but do you know how you can set them up? HootSuite shows us how to do it directly on Instagram and if you’re a paying HootSuite user, how to set up auto-replies on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. That’s not the only cool thing about the video… It’s also narrated by a dog. 🐕 It’s a fun watch!

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