Thursday again? That was fast!

I had so much fun this past weekend and am all set for more of the same for the weekend coming up. Plus, this next one is a long one as we celebrate Juneteenth. Things between weekends are going very well too! 😊 DBE has 3 new clients starting with us and we’re loving them already.

What are you up to between weekends and how is your work life going? If we haven’t chatted in a while, reach out, I’d welcome catching up.

  • Have you heard about what I’m doing with The Connective? If you’re responsible for business development for your company and you like getting and giving high-quality referrals,, you’ll appreciate The Connective. This international community of go-givers is amazing and if you’re interested, I’d love to tell you more. Let’s schedule time to talk about it, you can reach out via email or LinkedIn.
  • I’ve been doing “walk and talks” with my friends for years now and love the dual benefit of being social and getting easy-on-the-knees movement into my day. Apparently, I’m not alone according to this from The New York Times. I never considered prepping with themes for the conversation, and the nemesis idea made me LOL. Hope you get some good ideas from this one. (Thanks to one of my walk & talk partners, Pat Rodeawald, for sharing this with me.)
  • Knowing your partner’s arguing style can save a lot of aggravation, and this article from Refinery 29 does a great job of bucketing the 4 key types. While it’s written for personal relationships, I think the advice crosses over to the world of work nicely.
  • You know we’ve talked about people creating portfolio careers and of people working well into their later years by “rewiring” as Michael Clinton calls it. Well, on both those notes, here’s a story about the rise of older Tik Tok influencers.
  • Have you considered an adult summer camp? Here are a bunch, from surfing camp to space camp, via Oprah Daily.
  • Join the geniuses and up your sleep game.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Firefighters Without Borders 🌟

The whole world has been impacted by the wildfires in Canada. Firefighters Without Borders is helping to equip firefighters with emergency response training and fire response equipment across Canada and the world. See what they do here: Firefighters Without Borders.

Noteworthy 🖋

We’re big fans of Canva at DBE, and not just because it’s a getting-better-every-minute platform that makes it easy to improve the look and feel of your communications materials cost effectively. I mean, that’s part of why I love it. The other reason I’m enthralled is that the entrepreneur in me loves the founder story, too. No wonder this company is absolutely rocking it!

And on that note, I hope you have a great rest of the week and that your weekend is everything you want it to be—and more. Enjoy!


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