Happy Groundhog Day! Does it feel like we’ve done this all before? Well, I hope this week’s Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Leaders sparks new thinking and ideas to help you lead your team. Let’s get to it!

  • Everyone’s buzzing about AI and specifically Chat But AI’s been with us and growing stronger for a long time now and, to me, it seems like all the commotion is like trying to close the barn door after the cow got out. I don’t think we’ve learned the right lessons from social media’s impact on how we operate. So my suggestion is we quickly acknowledge that while there are surely benefits to AI, there are absolutely risks. What we really need going forward for this species to survive are some ground rules and governance, which would require lawmakers who understand tech. Basically, we’re already in it, folks. We’ve got to make our fixes from where we are because we can’t go back. AI is going to drag us forward. But don’t worry, AI isn’t perfect (yet). Did you see what happened with CNet’s experiments?
  • Keeping with the AI theme, are we approaching singularity? This from Popular Mechanics shares thoughts on timing.
  • Back to human thinking: is thinking outside the box the right way to innovate? In this piece for Forbes, Chuck Swoboda suggests it’s better to forget about the box completely. I agree.
  • And now to think your way to dreaming: having trouble sleeping? Try thinking about a happy memory, suggests this article from The Wall Street Journal. Personal experience: I got mixed results.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Rescue.org 🌟

The International Rescue Committee’s goal is to help those affected by conflict and disasters with high-impact and cost-effective solutions. They focus on health, safety, economic well-being, education, and empowerment. Learn more about who they are and what they do: The International Rescue Committee.

Noteworthy 🖋

You may recall I joined Johanna Buchweitz a few weeks back on her podcast called Limitless. Her company, Frankly Co., will soon be releasing their AI-driven app, designed to help driven female entrepreneurs get what they need to know to grow in real time. Their goal is to make it easier for female entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses and reclaim what they believe every female founder deserves, the Frankly Fundamental Four: Finances, Freedom, Fulfillment, and Fun. If you are a female entrepreneur or know someone who may be interested, you can sign up to join their waitlist.

  • And this one has nothing to do with your work life, but it has everything to do with giving you more time while you help the planet. It’s from The Washington Post, and it’s all about how to REALLY leverage your dishwasher and save water at the same time. Our client, Miele, creator of luxury kitchen and home appliances, tipped us off to not needing to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, and this article takes it much, much further.

I hope these shares gave you some cool insights. Have a great rest of the week, and enjoy the weekend too!


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