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Last week of March. Can you believe it? Time is whizzing past us! With everything going so fast, isn’t it great you got a summary of digital marketing news delivered to ya each week? (You’re welcome. 😁) Let’s get on with the fun, then!

  • Google released its A.I. chatbot, Bard. It’s interesting how Google is trying to position Bard as a resource that is complementary to, but not part of, its search engine (vs. ChatGPT’s integration with Microsoft’s Bing search engine). The NYTimes covered both the unveiling story and a sidebar article on What Bard Can and Can’t Do that covers how cautious Google is being with the release. For example, Bard tells you right away that it makes mistakes, and it will decline to answer questions when it does not have enough information. Let chatbot wars begin….
  • #️⃣ Drama on the TikTok front. TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew’s testimony in the Congressional hearing could determine the social media app’s fate in the US. Search Engine Land’s slightly different take was that it was “mostly theater starring politicians who are ignorant of the topic and ill-prepared by their staffs” BUT that the political smoke could scare away brand advertising support for the platform. We’ll have to see….
  • Bing has new category-based targeting for search ads. The tests have shown higher CTR and RPM with this unique solution.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Princeton-Blairstown Center 🌟

The Princeton-Blairstown Center (PBC) provides adventure-based, experiential education to youth from historically marginalized communities. What began in 1908 as a summer camp has grown into an outdoor education center with a wide variety of year-round programs serving almost 8,000 young people each year. Programs include those to improve learning retention over the summer to approximately 500 students from historically marginalized NJ communities in Trenton, Newark, and Camden, free of charge. There’s a fund-raising soiree on May 5 that NJ locals will want to check out. Learn more about PBC here: Princeton-Blairstown Center.

  • Marketing Charts shows the impact of inflation on consumer spending. Here’s what we see:
    • 80% of US Adults said that inflation has impacted their spending in Q1 2023, which fell back 4% since Q3 2022.
    • Places consumers have been starting their online product shopping journey:
      • Amazon is #1 with 56% (no surprise here).
      • Search engines are not far behind at 42%.

That’s what we got for ya. Get ready for more juicy digital drama next week!

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