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All the world’s been talking about is AI. It’s not just a workplace conversation anymore. It’s spilled over into family dinners and everyday living. If you are looking for an escape from the AI action… you’re definitely not going to find that here. (Almost gotcha there, huh?) Yeah, we’re all tuned in to the digital marketing intelligence news, and we’re ready to share it with you.

  • Updates on the head-to-head AI showdown between Google and Bing:
  • Think with Google’s Future Ready Video Series with host Katie Couric interviewed Google’s SVP of Technology and Society on the impact of AI for businesses. While it is a little basic it also includes the recognition that there will be some jobs lost due to AI efficiencies but there will also be some job gains and, certainly, job change
  • Speaking of AI (and who isn’t these days?) eMarketer makes the excellent point that AI-generated content needs to be reviewed by human editors, as AI is prone to inaccuracy and plagiarism. This is especially true for optimized search engine content where Google is now looking for human Experience and Expertise as part of its Double-E-A-T guidelines we’ve been covering.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Sightsavers 🌟

Sightsavers’ vision is “a world where no one is blind from avoidable causes and where people with disabilities can participate equally in society.” This organization works in 30+ countries treating eye conditions like cataracts, improving local health and wellness services, and advocating for rights of people with disabilities. Learn more about them and how you can help: Sightsavers.

  • Break in the AI action: LinkedIn’s got a helpful explanatory page on A/B Testing. Worth a read for learning and refreshing!

Just some thoughts… 💭

With the removal of the previous legacy checkmark program, this question becomes ever more looming (almost scary): Should I be paying for a Twitter checkmark? In addition to Twitter Blue, released in December, Twitter has implemented a Verification for Organizations/gold checkmark. In this Twitter Checkmark POV, we’ve laid out the facts and give our thoughts on the blue bird’s latest release.

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