This week’s issue alights on the topics of culture and location and how they affect our world of work.

But first, how are you doing? Are you keeping your focus forward?

I was away last week, enjoying time with my family in Emerald Isle, NC. Lots of thinking time between the family fun. Rented a gorgeous house right on the beach. As one of my shares this week touches on, that wasn’t always an option. I’m what they used to call self-made, with lots of coaching and support along the way. Grateful to be able to rent that house and spend time with the family for a week.

While I was away, I finished the novel I started back in March (!). It’s called Song of Achilles and it’s written by Madeline Miller. It’s a different narrative of the half-god, Achilles who fought for the Greeks in the Trojan War. I appreciate stories that are familiar and retold in a new voice (think Wicked) so this was enjoyable for me.

I also found myself making note of superb business content, and here are a few items I’m sharing with you today:

  • This POV piece from The Atlantic by Lora Kelley talks about new research around the home/hybrid/in-office debate. From this, I had the new perspective that we are not in a revolution, we’re in an evolution. It all—including where to work—seems so volatile because we’re in the midst of it, but it’s becoming clear to me having flexibility about where to work is the inevitable end game. The questions remaining are around who, when, and how much of our time we spend “in office” vs. working remotely.
  • On a related WFH note, this from The Wall Street Journal talks about the 4:00-6:00 p.m. dead zone where remote workers become less visible because they are reclaiming that time for themselves and their families. And after 10:00 p.m. is when they tend to pop back into the work world to make up for the time they reclaimed earlier.

Noteworthy 🖋
Surmountable and Adam Edwards

Special thanks to Liz Bazini for telling me about Surmountable. And as the small world vibe goes, it turns out the person behind Surmountable is someone I’ve respected tremendously for years: Adam Edwards. For years he was one of the most appreciated leaders in the SEO industry and mentor to many of the industry’s top performers.

Surmountable is 4 years old and growing stronger by the minute. It’s designed to help people who want to make change in the world and see the value of their contributions. Whether they’re protesting, donating, or giving back through their time, Surmountable shows it’s worth the effort. The Surmountable newsletter is free, or you can subscribe for $50/year to help support the great work they’re doing (I went the $50 route). Adam’s got a book too, it’s also called Surmountable, and that’s available on Amazon. (I purchased that too, I am sure I’ll be sharing more about it. This is awesome stuff!)

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Victoria Mansion 🌟

There’s a special beauty to preserved history. Walking through historical landmarks puts you in a pocket outside of time. The Victoria Mansion in Maine is one of those places that can do that. My company’s e-briefings are supporting them to help preserve the beauty, so more people can enjoy the wonder of stepping into the past: Victoria Mansion.

  • Here’s the share I mentioned earlier: this podcast and its transcript from Hidden Brain offer a fascinating look at how people who grow up without financial resources can become caught between two worlds as they aspire to and become more successful. They often report feeling not fully a part of either place. Personally, I can totally relate. The first time I came across anyone talking about this phenomenon was in Hillbilly Elegy. I subsequently have had deep conversations with a few friends who’ve lived this too.
  • CNBC has this about the 10 best cities for digital nomads to live in/work from. Is your hometown on the list?
  • Want more newly minted graduates on your team? Here are tips for how to woo and wow them, from Fast Company.

That’s it for today. I hope your weekend is a great combination of fun, relaxation, and the productivity you’re craving. Have a great one and remember to carve out special time to center and focus forward.


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