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I just finished this positively perspective-changing book Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters, and How to Harness It by renowned psychologist Ethan Kross. Here’s my top takeaway:

Have you ever seen characters in movies giving themselves pep talks in front of a mirror? Notice how they always refer to themselves as “you” or by their own name? Apparently that’s a distancing technique to help reframe our perspective. Studies have shown that this technique helps our brains view the anxiety-inducing situation as a challenge instead of threat, which changes our body’s reaction to the entire situation. Isn’t that neato? 🤓

Okay, okay, let me switch nerd hats now. 🎩➡️🎓 Let’s jump into digital marketing!

  • We use AI in advertising, but advertisers need to do it right. The robots still need a human babysitter. Search Engine Land warns us all not to jump on the total automation party boat just yet…

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Victoria Mansion 🌟

There’s a special beauty to preserved history. Walking through a historical landmark places you in a little pocket outside of time. The Victoria Mansion in Maine is one of those places that can do that. We’re supporting them to help preserve the beauty, so more people can enjoy the wonder of stepping into the past: Victoria Mansion.

  • ChatGPT… declining? Apparently, long-time users are complaining that the quality of responses has lowered from just a few weeks ago. This brings up the question… is ChatGPT getting dumber?
  • Another perspective from VentureBeat says that generative AI won’t surpass humans anytime soon. AI-expert Usama Fayyad, says that the chatbots are essentially recycling content that they’ve seen before. Here’s a great quote: “People ask me the question, ‘Is AI going to take my job?’” Fayyad said. “My answer is no, AI will not take your job away, but a human using AI will replace you.”
  • Let’s take a sec for a Threads FAQ:
    • No, Threads is not available in the EU yet.
    • Threads will not have ads until the platform’s usage has reached a “critical mass” (no, they haven’t stated at what point the mass is critical)
    • Yes, you need an Instagram account to join.
    • Read more.
  • AI can help simplify many processes… including ecommerce website creation. Well, Bluehost is creating an AI-powered WordPress platform. Isn’t that cool? Check it out.

Hope that mishmosh of AI, psychology, and social media was interesting enough for ya. Have a marvelous rest of your week,


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Published On: 07/19/2023 / Categories: Perceptive Marketer /

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