If you can’t tell, we are utter nerds for what we do, and for this Embrace Your Geekness Day, we want to share it with you (rhyme totally intended 🤓)! Here’s our favorite digital-marketing-focused YouTube channels:

  1. HubSpot Marketing – The HubSpot team covers SEO, social, and general digital marketing in insightful, yet digestible videos.
  2. Modern Millie – Millie is great at toplining social trends and influencer marketing.
  3. Hootsuite Labs – They are quirky and fun, always running social media experiments.
  4. Talks at Google – They have a wide range of interviews and presentations from corporate leaders.
  5. Ben Heath – This is your channel for Facebook Ads tips, tricks, and updates!
  6. Think with Google – These videos help “educate and inspire the next generation of marketers, advertisers, and creatives”.

Bonus: Elevate Execs – Angie Bruhn helps executives do their jobs better and gives advice to people in career transitions.

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