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I hope you all have been enjoying the start of July! We kicked it off with a nice 4-day weekend and sometimes that’s all you need to recharge yourself.🔋Here’s some interesting digital marketing news for your browsing:

  • You may have heard about the TweetDeck becoming a subscriber feature and it’s true. In addition, Twitter rolled out a new version of the feature that will only be available to paying users in less than a month.
  • Get out your popcorn, because this news is almost like a movie 🍿📽️🎬: Meta’s new text-based app and aspiring replacement for Twitter, Threads, is rapidly gaining popularity with over 30 million downloads in just 16 hours. Twitter (X-Corp) has threatened Meta with a cease and desist letter, accusing it of hiring dozen’s of Twitter’s ex-employees to make what they are calling a “copycat app”. Zuckerberg dismissed the claim, saying that no members of the Threads engineering team are previous Twitter employees. On top of this debacle, Meta is gaining further attention from regulators.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Charity Navigator 🌟

Looking for top, trusted charities? Charity Navigator connects people with the best charities that align with their passions. They have almost 200,000 charities rated based on measures of stability, efficiency, and sustainability. Check them out and contribute to their cause: Charity Navigator.

  • You’ve been hearing a lot from us recently about the E-E-A-T guidelines for creating “helpful content” to secure higher rankings in search results. There now is reason to engage in an integrated “digital authority management” discipline not only to gain improved rankings in regular search results but to elevate valuable brand visibility (and clicks) in conversational/generative search environments like Bard, GPT, and Bing’s Co-Pilot Chat, which provide link citations in their responses. It’s definitely a concept worth reading about, if not exploring for your brand.

Why We 💗 What We Do…

One of our newest clients, Vetigel, has received FDA approval for humans. Vetigel is a plant-based hemostatic gel that can stop bleeding in seconds. We’re so happy to support them on their mission to save lives.

  • Freebies can be great for both parties… if they’re done right. In the case of OpenAI’s “Browse” feature in Bing Chat, that would be a negative. People have been surpassing the ChatGPT Plus paywall and coming back with “content we don’t want”. See MediaPost for the scoop.

Just some thoughts… 💭

Speaking of AI chatbots, our VP of SEO, Marc Engelman, discussed the gap between Bing Chat and its impact on your analytics. He hosted an experiment. 🔬🥼 The question: How will Bing Chat be attributed in our web analytics? Read the blog to see what Marc discovered.

I hope your July is happy and healthy 🙂


People actually held funerals for Universal Analytics.

Check them out for a giggle: UA dies at 11.

Oh, and send your buddies this signup link to join the WHW crew!

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