I’m writing this on Sunday, August 27, sitting on my deck enjoying the no’s: no bugs, no humidity, no clouds. Just lots of natural noise and the occasional butterfly. I love the end of August.

Here are this week’s shares, not so much directly about business and leadership but holistically to help forward-looking you:

  • New research keeps pointing to our skin playing a much bigger role in our overall health than previously realized.
  • Um, you can thank me later. Here are some cautions for things you may not know that have serious consequences, though I don’t know how #10 made the list.
  • Not depressed and not excited either? Could it be you’re languishing? Here’s info on getting your mojo back. It’s a little long so if you need a refill of that tasty beverage, now’s the time.
  • Long-time readers know the topic of combating obesity is important to me, and I’m encouraged to see science and mainstream media catching up to what many overweight people have known all along: a calorie is not a calorie to every body. And here’s another piece with the same conclusion: biology not willpower, from The Wall Street Journal.
  • That’s what many of us thought of Burger King’s gifts to cook and cashier Kevin Ford, an employee who didn’t take any sick time in over 20 years. According to NPR, the mega restaurant chain gave him: a coffee cup, a movie ticket, some candy, and a few other small items. The internet thought he deserved more, and delivered with over $400,000 in cash donations. It’s a great story on the upside but I wouldn’t want to be in leadership at Burger King: cheap is cheap and cheap hurts brand reps. Some would say they didn’t have to do anything and others would say he was happy with what he got so why the fuss. I think the $400,000 in donations from random people tells what most people think.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Foundation for Sustainable Veteran Housing (FSVH) 🌟

FSVH’s goal is to identify, rebuild, and maintain current veteran facilities across the country. Not only do they provide housing, but also career, mental health and other related services to help at-risk veterans sustain a more permanent lifestyle. There are 70 buildings in process in NJ, and they’re looking to build 372 more! Thank you, Joe Mindak, for telling us about the FSVH.

Please let us know if you have not for profits you’d like us to feature.

Noteworthy 🖋
West Biofuels

There are all kinds of innovation going on in the sustainability space, and here’s one you might want to know about for whatever new ideas it sparks: West Biofuels. They have and are continuing to develop technologies around converting biomass into energy. Hat tip to Scott Eggert who first told me about them.

  • There are a phenomenal number of great business podcasts out there, and I want to thank Jeremy Weisz for consistently attracting successful business people to talk with him on his: Inspired Insider. Here’s a sample, this one with publisher Ron Douglas.
  • Not that they necessarily are the safest, but interesting that Americans who were polled said they believe Dallas and Boston are the safest cities in the US. Where did your local fav end up on this list? Let’s see.

Well, that’s it for this week and that’s a wrap for August too. While we still have 3 weeks of “official” summer, I think we all know it’s over after this weekend. I hope you’re doing something fun with family and friends this Labor Day. I’ve got a family reunion with my husband’s extended family coming up, always a good time, lots of good energy. Enjoy!


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