I hope August was a good month for you. We’re already getting sneak peaks of fall weather in NJ. It’s nice to cool down after July. Welp, let’s dive into what you’ve all been waiting for…

  • Conversational voice search… is it worth your time to develop a voice strategy yet? Bing Chat and Google’s Search Generative Experience seem to be prime candidates for the more conversational aspect of voice search, but Econsultancy concludes that optimization for the voice search is not worth the effort at this time.
  • 🛑 BUT, the above article misses a key opportunity — that optimizing for the conversational chatbots can be a direct and achievable goal! DBE’s new SAIO (Search AI Optimization or “say-o”) strategy incorporates a variety of SEO best practices including focus on more long-tail and conversational queries the article associates just with voice search. Want to see SAIO in action? Check out our recent blog post and infographic.
  • Why you should always ask why when developing a marketing strategy? Because the concept of “why before how” applies to all marketing initiatives and can be used to align goals and objectives. Plus it’s a quick read, so why not take a look?
  • Looking to uplevel your SEO with AI? These ChatGPT plugins can getcha started.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Foundation for Sustainable Veteran Housing (FSVH) 🌟

FSVH’s goal is to identify, rebuild and maintain current veteran facilities across the country. Not only are they providing housing, but career, mental health and other related services to help at-risk veterans sustain a more permanent lifestyle. There are 70 buildings in process in NJ, and they’re looking to build 372 more! Thank you, Joe Mindak, for telling us about the FSVH.

Please let us know if you have other charities or causes you’d like us to support.

  • Reddit is launching first-party measurement tools which can help us with optimizing campaign performance. Learn more about Reddit Brand Lift and Reddit Conversion Lift.
  • Also, Reddit doubled interest targeting categories for advertisers (woot woot). This is important because interest targeting shows ads to people based on their interest, which is helpful for targeting more niche audiences.
  • Another day, another alarming Tweet. Musk announced that they would be removing the block feature on X (Twitter), but X CEO, Linda Yaccarino, countered saying they’re thinking of something better. We’ll see….


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