Last week, DBE launched our new SAIO (search artificial intelligence optimization) strategy for gaining link citations from conversational chatbots like Bing Chat and Google SGE.  The launch elements we used included:

  • A blog post written in a conversational Q&A format
  • An infographic depicting how SEO and SAIO work together
  • Inclusion of a summary of the blog post and the infographic (with links) in our weekly What’s Hot Wednesday newsletter email
  • Posting of the WHW newsletter content and links to LinkedIn

In other words, we practiced what we preached – and now, just a week later, we have proof of performance!

Bing Chat with multiple citations to the DBE blog post:

Artificial Intelligence Citation for prompt: "saio in seo". www.digitalbrandexpressions shows as the third source and is mentioned in the chatbot response.

Google SGE with the top two SERP listings:  one for DBE’s LinkedIn page post of our newsletter and one for the blog post on our website:

Google search for "saio in seo": The first 2 links are from DBE's LinkedIn post, the other is for DBE's blog post

Sing it with us – “SAI-O, chatbots come and link to my home.”

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