I don’t know where the time is going, it seems like we were just “sliding into autumn” with our Labor Day celebrations and now here we are firmly planted in changing leaves and spicy candles season. It’s a gorgeous time of year and it makes for wonderful walks to clear your mind during the day.

I don’t have anything profound to share this week, so let’s jump into the news that caught my attention on your behalf:

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Center for Biological Diversity 🌟

Speaking of sustainability, we’re all connected to the environment. The Center for Biological Diversity is committed to protecting endangered species. From legislation to media outreach to scientific analysis, they’re active in their stewardship mission. Here’s how to learn more: Center for Biological Diversity.

Noteworthy 🖋

I learned about Giving1Percent.com from its founder, Mindy Gibbins-Klein. It’s an awesome idea that costs you nothing to try. Here’s the question: Are You Giving 1%? If you’re wondering about the significance of that number and why we care, check out the new website and let it do the math for you.

  • We all know customer service is getting worse and with time we could delve into all the reasons why. But let’s fast forward past the finger pointing to possible solutions. This from The Economist talks about the ways generative AI could help everyone, from customers enduring nonsensical interactions to the reps enduring verbal abuse to the managers constantly told to do more with less.
  • Wild thought of the week, too good to keep to myself:
Post from @J_Salzer: "My friend Bobby just casually said "if art is how we decorate space, music us how we decorate time" and I was like hold up hold up hold up"
  • Chief’s founders talk with Amy Gilliland, President of General Dynamics Information Technology, about how she changed the conversation on mental health in the defense industry and why it’s time for the rest of us to fast follow on that. 87% of employees want more from their employers on the mental health front, so give this one a listen.
  • iPhone users, did you know your phone can scan documents into PDFs? MAJOR time saver. Find the Notes utility and open it. Click the pen (new note) icon on the bottom right of the screen. Click the camera icon on the bottom of that screen. Choose “Scan Documents” from the pulldown. Center camera over document. For one page, take a photo, then click “save.” For multiple pages, take a photo of each in succession and “save” when done. Send doc by clicking the upload icon on the top right of the screen, it’s converted to a PDF before the send. Saves me hours per year over old-school scanning to PDF.

And on that note, this is me wishing you a bucketful of sunshine, productivity, focus, and joy. Not necessarily in that order—that’s up to you!


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