In case you haven’t heard it lately: You are smart. You are unique. You are awesome. 🙂

Ok, let’s get ready for some digital marketing!

  • You probably know of the US Justice Department’s court case against Google for antitrust violations. The DOJ alleges Google gained an unfair advantage by making multi-billion deals with companies like Apple to make it the default search engine on products like the iPhone. Search Engine Land is reporting on claims, testimony, and developments by topic including:
    • Google search dominance (90% market share)
    • claims of harm by other search engine competitors
    • Google’s default search deals

It’s a longer read (20 minutes) but worth the skim to get a feel for the shade being thrown Google’s way and Google’s retorts.

  • The Skimm has a new monthly newsletter for marketers, business leaders, and marketing industry obsessives. The SKM Report digs into how brands think about and talk to women. We’re excited to see the conversation continuing and growing!

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Smile Farms 🌟

Smile Farms has become a nonprofit leader in creating meaningful jobs in agricultural settings for adults with developmental disabilities, almost none of whom have worked before.Their founding story is super sweet, too. Jim McCann, Founder/Chairman of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., had a brother living in Independent Group Living Home (IGHL), a residence for people with developmental disabilities, so he teamed up with the home’s CEO, Walter Stockton, to create this program. Learn more about what they’re doing: Smile Farms.

  • How is AI being used by companies like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Sprout Social? (Hootsuite is another platform using an AI generative chatbot function.) Read the sections on “Responsible AI use in marketing” and “The consequences of losing consumer trust” to understand the potential issues associated with the use of AI marketing tools.
  • Speaking of ethical AI, Hans van Dam’s Ted Talk, “What happens when AI writes a TED Talk…” struck a chord with me. He talks of overcoming AI bias by allowing more “poets” into the AI project room. By “poets,” he means those interested in how language and people influence each other. What I loved is the idea of “teaching AI to help us become better people” by instilling thoughtful values from the start.
  • Google removed the individual and ad-group keyword forecasting in Keyword Planner due to the lack of use. This doesn’t affect us as we can still conduct Google keyword research for our clients.
  • The constant notification pings on our phones leaves our brains in a perpetual state of alert. Turning off non-essential notifications, setting app timers, and leaving the phone out-of-sight can help give your brain a reprieve and, hopefully, get you back to appreciating the moment. 😊



Why shouldn’t you gossip in a corn field? Too many ears around. 🌽

What is a scarecrow’s favorite fruit? The straw-berry. 🍓

What should you wear to keep warm in autumn? A har-vest. 🎃

Welp, That’s fall folks! 🍂

*insert pause as the audience roars with laughter*

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