How are you doing? It’s rough right now, right? It is. It is.

I know leading with compassion can be challenging when you’re feeling drained. Let’s work together to keep our energy vibing high despite the challenges and find strength in our ability to recharge together.

Here are a few perspectives that may help you get that breath of fresh air you need to keep going and growing—and buoy others:

  • How do you provide the most welcomed kind of support? Jancee Dunn suggests asking, “Do you want to be helped, heard or hugged?” Her suggestions are for personal relationships, but I think this approach works very well for professional ones too, including the last option which in modern work environments is often just as welcome as the first two.
  • The Atlantic poses that it’s not just the money behind sustainable investments that matters, symbolism is important too. I liked this point. When we show harmful industries that we care, actions multiply, amplify, and create massive policy shifts. Again, this idea of ripples joining to become waves…
  • This family business shares perspectives on making generational diversity work and overviews how changing times influence management basics.
  • Cool TED Talk list on improving your health by staying aware of health tech advances and how to utilize them.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Doctors Without Borders 🌟

Because innocent people need medical care wherever catastrophe strikes and Doctors Without Borders delivers it. To learn more, visit Doctors Without Borders.

And The Skimm has a list of organizations providing support for victims of the Israel-Hamas War.

Noteworthy 🖋
Engage for Good

Did you know there’s an organization for social impact professionals to commune, find and post jobs, and gather news and information? I didn’t either until Ron Reisman told me about Engage for Good. Spread the word!

  • Does this surprise you? 1 out of 8 Americans worked at McDonald’s at some point in their work life. What did they learn? What did they take with them after their McDonald’s jobs, many of which were their first jobs? Inc.’s got stories…

Thanks for reading. Please share not for profits and noteworthy companies you want me to feature. Stay strong, stay focused, stay thoughtful in your leadership—people are counting on you!


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