Two search engine strategies, both alike in goal.

In the search results, where we lay our scene.

These 90’s dreams burn with new coal;

Staying optimized keeps agencies on caffeine.

From forth one strategy emerges another;

A pair of star-cross’d lovers in it to win it

With the help of each other.

Well, Hi!

Today, we are gathered to celebrate the love of 2 special search strategies, SEO & SAIO. Let’s see what their enchanting relationship can teach us!

💖 SEO & SAIO are positive influences on each other: If you create solid content for SEO or SAIO specifically, it will help build your site authority for both chatbots and search engine bots.

They are like positive relationships in your life (perhaps your dog, a relative, a close friend). When both parties contribute positively, they can build a beautiful, supportive relationship.

💖 SEO & SAIO have different styles, but they work to the same goal: In SAIO, content is more conversational and broader in nature compared to SEO. Although the strategies vary, they still work for the same goal of visibility.

Sometimes, the differences in a relationship help us progress and widen our perspective as individuals. For work relationships, every team member has unique skills and workstyles. When these differences are acknowledged and respected, you can see some marvelous project executions.


  • The latest Think With Google’s Future Ready Video Series with Katie Couric features Robert Wong, VP of Creative Lab at Google. The 7-minute YouTube interview covers a variety of topics including why you should play with AI, is generative AI creative, and what will the future of AI look like. One interesting comment that caught our ear is “that AI can generate a picture or write a sentence, but it doesn’t understand what it wrote or what it creates. AI doesn’t have taste. It can’t pick the best line.” Check it out on YouTube.
  • Here’s a guide on “product page SEO” covering key elements of effective product page optimization. It includes: leveraging product page URLs, optimizing image file names, alt text, schema, and more.

    If some of this sounds familiar, it may be due to the fact we have introduced these elements for influencing SEO and SAIO. They help present your content as the most relevant to searches done via AI chatbots like Bing Copilot and Google SGE.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Access Fund 🌟

As a climber and nature-lover, the Access Fund is one of my favorite advocacy organizations for both. They are working for sustainable access to climbing areas across the nation, while educating others how to advocate. If you’re all about nature and vertical adventure, check them out: Access Fund.

Fun tidbit: My college climbing club supported this organization by selling pet rocks….You’d be surprised how many adults filled a pet-rock-shaped hole in their lives.

Digital Marketing

  • TikTok is in a tiff with Universal Music Group (UMG). UMG pulled the music from artists like T-Swift, Billie Eilish, and more over a dispute around compensation. Whether this will last a week or much longer is up for debate. The banter sounds a little reminiscent of a certain relationship on the show, Friends. Anyway, they are clearly “on a break.”
  • PPC is getting a new look… and it’s not super original. With new segmented audience approaches and the rise of visual content, PPC is starting to look like paid social. This SEL article gives some strategies to keep up with the change including innovating with creative content and embracing audience-centric targeting.

  • LinkedIn has some pretty diverse perspectives on the Super Bowl ads. 🏈 Check them out here.

DBE Perspectives… 💭

*Pink Floyd’s Time starts playing as you read*

Time is a construct… we’ve all heard that before. But have we truly contemplated how numeric time may give us unnecessary stress, particularly in the workplace? I’ve got some insights for you and your team… especially for my chronic multitaskers out there. You can feel accomplished without doing a million things all the time. Check out this piece on time in the workplace!

I hope your day is ten times better than my attempt to write rhyming couplet.😁

Happy Wednesday!


If SEO & SAIO were Romeo and Juliet, who would be who?

  • SEO is totally Romeo calling up to SAIO’s window in the wee hours of the night.
  • SAIO is the player, Romeo, left completely awestruck by SEO’s wisdom and beauty.
  • I don’t really care as long as the ending is happy. 😀

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