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Have you ever received or given an unexpected compliment? Sure, there are times when you’re expecting a compliment. Getting one unexpectedly hits different – it makes your day a bit brighter! In my search to find others experiencing the same, I discovered this short piece from Bret Lasky on LinkedIn. It’s beautiful to see others bringing compassion they see in the outside world to the workplace!

If you’re looking for a way to add unexpected compliments to your team flow, try a shoutout board! Our team has been using a virtual whiteboard to point out our colleagues’ good work and teamwork. It helps keep us feeling good too. 🙂

Now, onto digital marketing!


  • What should Google rank in Search when all the content sucks? And we can relate to his pictorial depiction of “Google [as] a baby wading through a content trash heap.” Getting past the over-the-top nature of the article, the net-net is that future success with SEO requires credible, helpful content designed to match the intent of Google’s searchers. We are in full agreement on that mission to elevate and optimize.
  • Digital Marketing Institute launched a course on AI in Digital Marketing to address the AI skills gap in the industry. A quick review of the online course from ClickZ indicates this helps people who want to better understand:
    • how AI can impact marketing and
    • how they can start their journey into the AI space.
  • Are you aware that AI “chatbots fabricate details in at least 3% of interactions – and as much as 27%?” This data is cited in a MarTech article on “How to protect against and benefit from generative AI hallucinations.” When it comes to gen AI, you should always take the “trust but verify” approach. This is why we prefer gen AI chatbots like Bing Copilot, Google SGE, ChatGPT Plus, and Perplexity. They provide citations and links to the sources they used for generating their responses.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) 🌟

Pennsylvania has over 700,000 veterans, the fourth largest population in the U.S.! DMVA connects veterans to programs and services available to them. Some of these services/programs include grants, benefits, special initiatives, and more. Learn more: DMVA.

Digital Marketing

  • SURPRISE – Gen Z is good at social media! If you’re a brand looking to appeal to Gen Z on socials, hire a Gen Z (or many:-). But be warned, there most likely will be elements of risk-taking involved.
  • Google and Reddit signed a licensing agreement, so Google AI can use Reddit’s content for training. Have you noticed Reddit ranking higher in the results these past few months? Yeah, we have too. Learn more.

DBE Perspective… 💭

IT’S… ALIVE! (AI, that is.) Like Frankenstein, many search marketers were initially fearful of AI chatbots. But, we believe that if you teach it well, AI Frankenstein can help you!

You are unique. You are awesome. You got this. 😎


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