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We want to thank you for being readers of our newsletter. 😊 We get lots of questions about Search AI Optimization (SAIO), so we created a comprehensive SAIO strategy guide that overviews how it differs from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It includes our research with links to resources! 

In the words of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the movie Moana, “What can we say except you’re welcome?” Here it is:


  • Google is starting to feel the competitive search “heat” from OpenAI, Microsoft, Meta, and other AI ventures. Machines for Gen AI are expensive and there are fewer new devices coming into the world to use them. Prabhakar Raghavan, the head of Google Search, said “it’s not like life is going to be hunky-dory, forever” and told his team to “meet this moment” and “act with urgency.” Sounds a little like a coach of a losing team challenging his players to work harder, no?
  • Ever get frustrated with a less-than-ideal AI chatbot response? How are you prompting? Tech influencer, Jeff Su, explains an AI prompt formula in this short video. Warning: he speaks quickly, so you can put on subtitles or slow down the video if needed!

Do Good Spotlight
🌠 Foster Love 🌠

Foster Love improves the lives of kids in foster care by providing new bicycles, college supplies, and “sweet cases” to thousands of foster youth across the U.S. This is such a creative charity. Teams of people (including companies) can host events where they build and create kits and boxes. It’s a unique team-builder that also gives back! Check them out: Foster Love.

Digital Marketing

  • It happened. The TikTok ban has been signed. Before the freak out happens, there are still a few things in the air. TikTok currently has 9 months to find a buyer, but plans to take the Biden administration to court first. If you’re looking for a quick run through, try Inc. If you’re looking for a more detailed story, try NPR.
  • It’s astounding how a huge company, like Meta, can provide such little support to the creators who’ve built businesses around Meta. A recent example of this comes from fashion influencer, Lauren Holifield. Holifield was locked out of her Instagram account and faced social media managers’ dread… contacting Meta support. Trying to find a human customer service rep is incredibly difficult… so much so that some people sell their support rep contacts to others. SMH.
  • Speaking of social media influencers, here’s a list of some of the top social media influencers by followers from Search Engine Journal. Most of these people crossover into different types of fame. They’re not just musicians, they’re actors and activists. They’re not just based in one country, they have world renown. They’ve tapped into so many types of audiences.

DBE Perspectives 💬

Nature gives us an intuitive feeling of relaxation and renewal. Imagine bringing that clear mindset to work. That’d be pretty sweet, right? Delve into the benefits of nature in the office and learn how to greenify your workspaces in our latest POV.

Natural Workplaces: Integrating the Outdoors into the Office

Thoughts to Take With You… 💞

We can time travel, in fact, we do it every day.

No, we don’t physically travel in DeLoreans with mad scientists. (If you do, please invite me!) It’s much more subtle than that.

We travel through our thoughts. You could be sitting at your desk and be thinking about the last time you called your mom. You could be walking the dog and thinking about what you’re getting at the grocery store later. 

Time travel is a skill that helps us learn and keeps us safe in some cases. But what can we uncover if we paused that skill for a while? How can we change moments of our lives if we focus on being fully present now? I’ll leave you with that question.

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