Every month there are new ways for social to be used to reach existing and perspective users. But first you have to get your brand in the game.

One of the fastest ways of reaching your target audience on any social media channel is by getting influencers promoting your brand’s message. Finding the right influencers is an important first step. Some of the tools you can use to find the right influencer are Follower WonkKlout, and Buzzsumo.

Creating unique ways to leverage social content to engage the communities of influencers both current and future is also important. Be creative. Think shareability. What will those important influencers find interesting? What will they want to share?

Social selling will also play a larger part. Instead of brands pushing content on their social channels, they will begin understanding what people need and what customers are asking for to target content exactly around that. Begin understanding your target audiences better. Use analytics tools such as SproutSocialBrandWatch, and Buffer to understand what is happening on your social channels and who is engaging and why. Create content sets around need states and watch engagement numbers rise.

In 2015 live streaming sites began to emerge, think PeriscopeMeerkat, and Facebook Live Stream. Facebook Live Stream is currently available on a limited basis but will become open to more accounts. These live streaming sites will take social engagement to a new level in 2016 with the introduction of 360 degree broadcasts where when a person moves their mobile phone it will simulate being there live. For example, some of early applications have you feeling like you are at the sporting event being streamed, adding a whole new level to the fan experience. Furthermore, more cost effective 3D technologies will allow more fully immersive, live 3D experiences –creating a whole new level of opportunities for marketers.

With social media and other types of digital marketing measuring results is key. In 2016 you will see measurement platforms integrate image recognition software to better measure image-based efforts.

Regardless of if you are a beginner or expert, you can find a place to jump into the social media stream to better connect with your audiences and find the right platforms for both your brand and its audiences.

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