If I love something, I tend to put a lot of time and devotion into it. But this wasn’t something I foresaw. It was an affair I didn’t even know I was having. And it’s an affair I don’t regret.

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Here’s my story:

I never imagined myself as a professional and personal blogger or thought I’d fall into the social media craze. My writing experience included college essays and campus newspaper articles, and my use of social media was limited to Facebook and some Twitter. While I was aware of blogging, I didn’t see a purpose for it since I looked at it more like an online diary. And although I knew that there was more to social media than Facebook and Twitter, I didn’t care to look into the other sites.

That all changed in 2011 when I accepted a job position as a Content Writer writing blogs, articles and website content. I had zero knowledge of search engine marketing or why Google was such a big deal. All I knew was “keywords” mattered and I had to write great content that was not only attention-grabbing but would help websites reach the top of the SERPs.

It was almost instantly that I became hooked on blogging and fascinated by how powerful it is. As my interest in blogging grew, I decided to familiarize myself with social media. Although learning the different platforms and growing my following took time, before I knew it I was all over Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus, and Pinterest.

By 2012 I was totally and completely engulfed in blogging and social media. It’s like a rush. You feel a sense accomplishment and pride when another blogger favorites your post or comments. There’s that feeling of fame when someone you respect or admire tweets back at you. The rush of excitement you get when you see your Instagram photo receiving like after like after like. And there’s the addiction to Pinterest that you’re not ashamed of since it leaves you feeling so inspired.

You don’t want to stop.

I can’t stop.

Some don’t understand it. And I used to be one of those people.

So what is it about blogging and social media that get people glued?

It’s your creative space

Blogging encourages you to get creative and serves as a space for your ideas to grow. There’s no such thing as a bad blog idea. You can share your latest recipe or give your thoughts on a book you read.

Many businesses have taken advantage of blogging because of the benefits that carry. A business blog allows you to promote new products or services. It’s an area where you can engage with your customers and get to know them better. It also helps your search engine marketing efforts since Google loves new content.

You can express yourself

Social media gives you an outlet to express yourself. It’s your online voice. You’re not just another person in this world. Here you can truly express who you are, voice your opinion and speak your mind.

Social media is a great asset to an organization since it’s a quick and effective way to reach your audience – and your reach is limitless. Social media sites never sleep so no matter where your target audience is located, you can reach them. Like blogging, you can use social media sites to showcase any new products or services. You can also hear what customers are saying since these platforms serve as an outlet for customers to express their thoughts. See what customers are saying and determine how you can use it to your advantage.

Connect with like people

It’s easy to find and connect with other individuals who share similar interests, hobbies, thoughts and professions through blogs and social media sites. Your reach is boundless.

In order for businesses to grow their customer base, it’s crucial to know how to connect with customers. Customers love hearing directly from businesses, whether a reply to a blog comment or a direct tweet. Also, avoid being overly professional and talk to your customers as you would in person.

Stay in the loop with the latest news and information

Both are learning platforms where you can find out what’s going on in your local community or area, or see what companies or brands are up to.

Today major news announcements break in real-time social media and share what’s going on. So why shouldn’t your business? Write a blog or share on social media any major changes to your business or recently completed projects. Customers want to know what’s going on and stay in the loop.

Improve your writing skills

Writing improves with practice. Blogging constantly and reviewing your work, as well as reading blogs by others will help you advance. And the better your writing is, the more readers you will gain. While social media posts don’t usually run nearly as long as a blog post, your post needs to be interesting, engaging and make audiences want to share, favorite or comment.

Brand yourself

As a professional, you should always be looking for ways to show off your work and your talent. You can demonstrate your writing capabilities with your blog and your knowledge of social media with your social following. They also allow you to show off your hobbies and your personal interests so companies can get to know you.

Branding is a top priority in marketing a business since your brand is how customers recognize you and it tells people about the type of company you are. Your brand is also what sets you apart from your competitors. Blogging and social media marketing are two great ways for you to promote your business brand online, building visibility and credibility.

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