Fun fact: Wednesday is one of the most misspelled words in the English language. (Makes sense with such a sneaky silent letter!) Anyway, here is some digital marketing news to start your Wenesday off right! 😁

  • Calling all PPC professionals 📞 Looking for a way to level up your PPC knowledge AND have a beach view in Palermo, Buenos Aires? The [Exact Match] Conference is exactly what you need. Check out the one-pager and the website!
  • We all know the marketing “funnel”. What about the marketing “möbius strip”? Delve into the increasingly complicated customer journey with this LinkedIn article.
  • Metaverse Meddling
    • As a digital metaverse, it looks like Roblox has it all… or do they? 🤔 Amidst all the brand partnerships, you’d expect to see higher revenues. Read how the gaming platform is really doing.
    • “Virtual worlds, real money” sums it up nicely for this McKinsey chart on metaverse spending. Their recent survey found consumers are already spending more money each year on digital assets (e.g., NFTs) … and they expect to be spending more in years to come. 🌐💰
    • Check out this “reality check” from Econsultancy as it looks at consumer attitudes toward this new realm. It includes a wide range of data on feelings regarding both the perceived benefits, the potential drawbacks, and general confusion about joining the metaverse.
  • As you have heard us say frequently, “real” SEO requires the strategic planning and tactical implementation of a variety of best practices. Search Engine Watch offers an overview of one of those practices in this article on “How to write effective title tags in 2022“. In short, keep the title tag relevant and short while putting the target keyword phrase first.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Heroes to Heroes 🌟

Heroes to Heroes provides emotional strength, spiritual healing, and peer support for Combat Veterans of all conflicts and all faiths who have attempted suicide or are on a path to self-destruction due to moral injury/PTSD. Heroes to Heroes’ coaching, events, and programs have helped countless veterans and their families. Learn more about this organization: https://heroestoheroes.org/

We’d like to thank Michael Haltman for showing us this impactful organization.

If you have an organization you’d like us to feature and donate to, just reach out!

  • This is probably not a surprise, but Gen Z is using Facebook less and less. TechCrunch notes that the population views the platform as a “utility and an obligation” rather than a new, exciting platform of choice. Pew reports that Gen Z’s attention is mainly drawn to YouTube. Only the future knows what the platform will become!
  • Speaking of generational differences in the digital world, have you heard of the “millennial pause?” Apparently as millennials age (it happens to the best of us), Gen Zs are finding some of Gen Y’s habits hysterical. This fun read from The Atlantic may create some entertaining conversations for you.
  • Looking to spice up your short-form content game? Check out these interactive tips from Facebook! 🎦

Sending positivity your way while wishing you have a great day! 😊

Stay cool 😎


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