I hope you liked the first issue of the newly named Niki’s Notes last week. I received good feedback from a few readers and I appreciated their notes.

This week’s edition has stories that kept me thinking long after I finished reading them, and, in fact, I was still talking about them over the weekend when I had a few friends over to finally use our BBQ grill (seriously, the first time in 2022) and enjoy the deck. My kind of weather!

I hope you enjoy these reads as much as I did:

  • Have you heard about the “millennial pause?” No, it’s not another “Great Resignation” story. Apparently, as millennials age (it happens to the best of us), the Gen Z’s coming up behind them are finding some of Gen Y’s video habits hysterical, e.g., “the pause.” This is a fun read from The Atlantic that may create some fun conversations for you regardless of where you are on the generation spectrum:

Noting for You 🖋

Does someone in your family have Alzheimer’s or are they taking a number of prescriptions on a strict schedule? DBE’s client, MedaCube, from PharmAdva, is a smart robot that sits inconspicuously on your kitchen counter—or pretty much anywhere you like—and distributes up to 16 prescription pills a day—on time, on dose, all day. If the patient forgets and skips a dose, an alert goes to them as well as their caregiver via the app. This innovative, yet affordable tech buddy helps bring comfort and peace of mind to families everywhere. See if MedaCube can help your family or a family you know: www.MedaCube.com.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Heroes to Heroes 🌟

Heroes to Heroes provides emotional strength, spiritual healing, and peer support for Combat Veterans of all conflicts and all faiths who have attempted suicide or are on a path to self-destruction due to moral injury/PTSD. Heroes to Heroes’ coaching, events, and programs have helped countless veterans and their families. Learn more about this organization: https://heroestoheroes.org/

We’d like to thank Michael Haltman for showing us this impactful organization.

And remember, if you have an organization you’d like us to feature and donate to, just reach out!

I actually had more to share but this feels like it’s getting a bit long, so there will be more good shares next week all lined up. Stay strong, stay safe, stay focused, and remember, there’s only one you in the world so take care of you for the rest of us!

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