I found out this year that April 11th (yesterday) is National Pet Day. Isn’t that adorable? If you have furry/scaly/feathery friends, I hope you find some extra time to spend with them this week. As you may know, pets may help you feel more at ease. Stick around ‘til the end to figure out why. 😉 And now, what you’ve been waiting for…*loud sip*… the digital marketing tea. ☕

  • Apple vs. Amazon? These companies are competing more than you think. See how they measure up as they go head to head.
  • Social media marketing seems to flip on its head every couple weeks. However, the word “marketing” is not the most important part of that phrase. Like Mark Schaefer, we believe that social media strategy should be more about connection, instead of just selling.
  • How are marketers paying influencers? What are the considerations for hiring influencers? What about the need for legal involvement when working with influencers? See this survey for more!

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 The Wayback Machine: Internet Archive 🌟

This nonprofit is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. It’s fabulous when you need to reference an older version of a website. The kicker is that they allow you to do so freely. See more about what they do and how you can help: The Wayback Machine.

  • Google is removing 4 attribution models in Google Ads & Analytics later this year: First-click, Linear, Time Decay, and Position-based. Basically, anything that isn’t last-click will be much harder to track.
  • How is AI shifting marketing approaches? Get the pros and cons for using AI across a spectrum of marketing disciplines. While it’s been said before, this con is worth repeating: “Since artificial intelligence cannot think independently, there are massive concerns about the quality, accuracy and integrity of its output.” Read more in Martech.

Just for Fun: What actually happens when people interact with animals? 🐰🐶🦜🐱🐢

Pssst… hey you… yeah you. You’re doing great. Have a phenomenal rest of your week. 😎


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