Busy week, not complaining. And for those of you following my valiant efforts to take time off, you’ll be happy to know that my daughter and I had a blast in Stone Harbor, NJ last weekend. The many high points included seeing dolphins just beyond the breakers for hours on end. Tail splashing included.

This week’s stories are a bit of a hodge podge, but sometimes there’s a theme hiding among them, so if you see one, let me know. 😉

  • Ageism isn’t just about older people, it affects younger people too, (“youngism”) and women workers disproportionately. This from Harvard Business Review sheds light (and stats) on the problems that come with stereotyping based on age in all directions.
  • I know y’all like the Excel tips I occasionally share, so here’s one of filling cells faster.
  • This is a list of Business Insider’s most innovative CMOs for 2023. Sharing because some of these folks are quite inspiring, especially in these challenging times.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟Access Fund 🌟

One of my company’s team members, Natalie Lorenzo, is an avid climber and loves being in nature. She suggested we feature The Access Fund here. They are an advocacy organization working for sustainable access to climbing areas across the nation, while educating others how to advocate. If you’re all about nature and vertical adventure, check them out: Access Fund.

  • Would you be surprised to learn that 90% of the people on the planet have biases against women? I was quite surprised at the stats reported by the United Nations. Brace yourself and take a read.
  • Glass half full? Glass half empty? What glass? This opinion piece in The New York Times suggests things are not getting worse societally and that there are two phenomena at work if you lean to doomsdaying.
  • Food for thought: 7 jobs that don’t exist today but might in a few years due to the rise of AI (ha ha, didn’t mean to scare you, “rise of AI” sounds scary, Skynet and all that…uh oh, Hal is looking at me weirdly…what’s that in your hand?…)
  • My husband is getting a little tired of me saying how much I “love” Jefferson Fisher, but I haven’t shared about him here in a while, so: I love Jefferson Fisher. He’s an attorney from Texas making a name for himself by teaching people how to argue better for better outcomes. Check him out on Instagram. I think you’ll agree – he has an upbeat way of making you feel better about those unpleasant confrontations that are a part of life from time to time.

I hope this was helpful. And as you move through the rest of the week, take time to center and think about what you’re doing and who you’re affecting so you can bring your best self to all of it. There is only one you and you’re here for a reason, so focus, fortify, and go forward, my friend.


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