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I don’t know about you, but June flew faster than a peregrine diving down a cliff (~240mph). Just sending a gentle reminder to stay present and aware. There’s only one of every moment. Interpret that as you will.

Here’s the 411 on the latest digital marketing dirt:

  • Many marketers are not ready for the “UApocalypse” – the sunsetting of Google Universal Analytics on July 1st. Over 3.4 million sites use UA in the U.S. vs. 2.4 million using GA4. Marc Engelsman, our VP of SEO, says: “Clearly those of you in the latter group (like our clients) can party like it’s 1999 while the rest are going to have to hope the impact on their analytics is more like the projected Y2K bug.
  • Social Media Today does not seem happy about LinkedIn’s live test of generative AI posts. And TBH, I’m not disagreeing. If all socials are generated by AI, then it’s just gonna be a bunch of robots talking to each other through our profiles. (The Twitter fights would be UNREAL… and very entertaining.)
  • Microsoft releases predictive targeting for all advertisers. It’s similar to optimized targeting but it helps marketers that use the Microsoft Audience Network by using a combination of existing advertiser assets and Microsoft Audience Intelligence. Learn more.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 The Access Fund 🌟

If y’all haven’t heard, I am a huge climber and nature-lover. The Access Fund is an advocacy organization for both. They are working for sustainable access to climbing areas across the nation, while educating others how to advocate. If you’re all about nature and vertical adventure, check them out: Access Fund.

Fun tidbit: My college climbing club supported this organization by selling pet rocks…. You’d be surprised how many adults filled a pet-rock-shaped hole in their lives.

  • Think with Google offers “3 compelling use cases for AI, according to creative leads.” Embedded in the use cases (and called out by Google) are these interesting takes on AI:
    “We must always remember to place the human truth at [our campaign’s] core.”
    “At the heart of our business are the principles of empathy and reason. We try and build those into everything.”
    “AI is not just about ethics; it’s literally a business problem for us. If we’re not using AI the right way, it could lead to bias because of the training samples.”
  • Looking to expand your ever-developing knowledge of social media? Cool, cool, cool. Search Engine Journal has got a nice list of courses for you to explore.

Don’t forget to live for the moment y’all!


Ob-la-di, ob-la-da, digital marketing goes on, yeah

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