“Be obsessed or be average.”
–Grant Cardone

Someone posted that quote on Instagram, and I liked it so much I wanted to check if it was really a Grant Cardone quote; turns out it’s the title of one of his books. It’s my mantra for the week.

But I’m taking a different tact than I have in the past, as some of you already know. Rather than working constantly, I’m taking more frequent opportunities to relax and purposefully think. I’m making time to think. And it’s paying off in spades.

I had 4 days off this past weekend, and in addition to thinking, I was reading. OMG I have so many exciting shares for you. My intention in sharing them is that they help spark new thinking for you to keep you vibing at the high frequencies required for health, growth, and positive change. Let’s get to it:

  • I’ve heard a few of the younger people in my life express this wish: to be in a time without the internet. I thought it was just those individuals, but apparently, according to this article, it’s generational, or at least, there’s data suggesting why this is important for Gen X and Gen Z people.
  • As leaders grapple with the questions about productivity being better or worse in work from home scenarios, here’s more fuel in the form of data from a recent survey suggesting where the fall offs are in terms of productivity measures. However, and important to note, The Economist suggests that when employee happiness is factored, working from home options increase employee happiness, and employers need to consider that too.
  • On a related note, I’ve lifted this right from the article I’m sharing here: “The employment contract has fundamentally changed for a generation of workers. McKinsey & Company’s 2022 American Opportunity survey found that 87% of workers want autonomy over where and when they work. In other words, they want agency over how they work and define success. If leaders want to attract and retain the best talent — those who are passionate and infuse that passion into the workplace — they should expand their own view of how to motivate them.” And it’s not just about younger workers. More seasoned players are nodding at what they see their younger cohorts doing to re-establish the ground rules. Great article that includes 4 astute retention tips. And…special thanks to Kelly Stewart who shared this on LinkedIn last week.

Noteworthy 🖋

I wanted to share this with you, it was shared with me by the team at GreenPortfolio:

GreenPortfolio is raising a pre-seed round and seeking angel investors. It is the consumer-friendly climate data company that helps investors fight climate change with their financial decisions by scoring investments and bank accounts for climate impact. Today, their proprietary algorithm provides portfolio analysis and product suggestions directly to consumers, but B2B licensing will allow them to scale to decarbonize $4 trillion in retail financial assets.”


  • GreenPortfolio’s beta product is live in stealth mode!
  • $7.6m in assets under assessment on the platform (+153% since May stealth launch)
  • 11,000+ stocks, funds, and banks scored

GreenPortfolio is seeking a mission-aligned angel and institutional investors for their $1.2m pre-seed round. $110k is already closed, with R/GA Ventures as a key investor. If you are interested in learning more and becoming an investor, please reach out to Elizabeth Landau at elizabeth@greenportfolio.com.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Elizabeth’s Wish 🌟

Elizabeth’s Wish is a not-for-profit focused on improving detection and outcomes for women with ovarian cancer. I cannot explain their passion, mission, and reason better than they do, so please visit their website, and consider supporting the great work they are doing.

  • This one is concerning, so I’m sharing it not to encourage hackers (they don’t need help from me now do they?) but to raise your awareness. I first learned about Flipper Zero on Tech Crunch, which was talking about its sales revenue. Flipper Zero is a hand-held device that hacks into electronic devices and controllers (think garage doors, car locks, wi-fi systems). It was banned for sale on Amazon, and it is illegal in the US, but that doesn’t mean it’s not here and this article does a good job of explaining what it can and can’t do and how to protect yourself.
  • You cannot let yourself get tired of all this generative AI talk, we’re just getting started, my friend. Here’s something interesting on AI and how businesses can leverage it from a favorite e-briefing of mine, 1440. (It’s less than 9 minutes on YouTube, it’s easy.) And while I was watching, the next video up for me was this, which I just had to share.
  • Up note: in case you missed it, the FAA has approved the first flying car! Alef Aeronautics’ “Model A” was granted legal permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to test run the vehicle on the road and in the sky. I hope I live long enough to enjoy this, wow! (Check out the simulated traffic view!)

And I’m continuing to keep my New Year’s resolution six months into 2023 for taking time off, so no Niki’s Notes next week. Back to you on July 20 with another issue to refuel your compassionate leadership!

*If you are a seasoned business development professional or a leader who believes in the pay-it-forward power of helping others through introductions, you may want to ask me about The Connective. It’s a national community of go-givers monetizing their networks while making win/win/win introductions. I’ve been a member for 3 years and am now managing a chapter too. You can email me or send me a message on LinkedIn and I’ll be happy to tell you more.


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