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  • Fast Company is apparently seeing the same things we are. In their last AI Decoded newsletter, they discussed how marketers are concerned about the ways chatbots perceive their brands. We cannot change what the AI models already know, but we create new, optimized web content now with SAIO strategies to align their answers with what we want them to perceive.
  • Does it perplex you how Perplexity’s referrals to brand sites are growing? MediaPost notes: “Perplexity… is most likely to reference product sites, whereas Google SGE will also include informational resources such as lifestyle and news sites.” Although these search engines and chatbots may give different results, we still see some overlap in their sources. This emphasizes the importance of brand authority on SAIO/SEO optimization.
  • Last week, we talked about ads appearing in Gen AI responses from SGE and Copilot. Now, Google’s floating the idea of paid plans for those using the generative AI features! Regular search would remain free. But, how many people will pay for Google’s Gen AI when other platforms are giving us just as good, if not better, results? 🤔

Do Good Spotlight
🌠 Outdoors Alliance for Kids (OAK)

Being connected to nature is known to reduce stress in many people. For kids, the outdoors can be a place of possibility, play, and imagination. OAK’s mission is to advocate for equitable and readily available opportunities for children, youth, and families to connect with the outdoors. Learn about their cause and how you could help: Outdoors Alliance for Kids.

Digital Marketing

  • User-generated content… we know about that. What about employee-generated content? (*cough cough* like this newsletter) Jesse Liszka talks of the benefits of employee-generated content. It provides a looking glass view into a company’s culture, giving employees a chance to show their expertise and personality. Highly recommend this if you haven’t already implemented it in your marketing plan.
  • We’ve all seen bad AI artwork. Keen eyes are able to spot AI-generated images and some audiences are upset by it. Multiple brands are banning the use of generative AI, even putting it as a clause in their agency contracts. This is a good question to address for your brand if you haven’t already.
  • Social Media Manager (SMM) burnout.😔 Like PR, you have to be constantly attentive, creative, and quick. If not carefully guided, this position could be draining on a person/team. Zaria Parvez, Senior Global Social Media Manager at Duolingo, goes over her views of work/life balance as a SMM. She mentions making something beautiful with her hands every day. Adding physical creativity can ground us when most of our days are spent in a virtual landscape.

Thoughts to Take With You… 💞

Here’s an interesting metaphor:

“Forests lower temperatures through a mechanism that’s similar to sweating in humans. When trees release water vapor from their leaves in a process called transpiration, the evaporating water cools the surrounding air.”

This is from a Scientific American article on reforestation efforts. Apparently, forests are helping keep the Eastern U.S. cooler. Isn’t that amazing? If we truly look, it’s not hard to uncover wonder in the beautiful, regenerative powers of nature.

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Green P.S.

Did you know trees can communicate with each other?? 🌳

Read The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben to learn about our surprisingly social leafy friends! If you’re looking for a quick review, check out the documentary!

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