Tra la, it’s May, the lovely month of May (channeling the Camelot soundtrack…)

As a business leader, I know how challenging it can be to read beyond the mainstream headlines to get the fuel you need to stay fresh in your leadership role. These are items that were worth my time and I hope they help you stay sharp and innovating for your team, too:

  • What if two days “in the office” is the better model? This from The Wall Street Journal shares research pointing to just that.
  • Are your devices really listening to you? Yes. Does it matter? Probably not, but to get caught up, check this out, from Genius Monkey.
  • Yes, the Journal (paywall) got my attention a lot last week. Here’s one about performance reviews, not sure you’ll be surprised about what we’ve been doing, but some good notes about what’s better.
  • Another social media app? Wait, at least check this out, it’s “really real.”
  • With so many of us back on the road again, I thought you might appreciate this tip about your car’s air conditioning.
  • Did you ever wonder what’s going to happen to all those gas-powered cars as we shift to sustainable energy? You gotta’ know someone’s already working on that, find out who and how here.


Do Good Spotlight on: Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

We went local again this week as we spotlight the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, affectionately called TASK. Their mission is simple: feed those in the Trenton area who are hungry and offer programs to encourage self-sufficiency. Their guiding principles are few and powerful, led by “food first: feeding the hungry.” Please take a few minutes to learn more here, and consider donating, as we did, to help those who need our support.


  • Looking to increase your productivity at work? Try taking time for your hobbies. Sound counterproductive, right? Not if you look at it under the right light. Read this HBR article for more.
  • And speaking of productivity tips, what’s the ideal length for meetings?
  • Feeling left behind on Web 3? Want an easy way to catch up and stay current? Here’s 1440’s hub.


Thanks for reading. Please send us suggestions for not-for-profits you’d like to see featured and I hope you have a great rest of the week. Oh, and no issue on May 11, I’m actually on vacation, for reals. I’ll be back in your in-box on May 18. Stay well, strong, and focused!

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Published On: 05/04/2022 / Categories: Niki's Notes /

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