The newsletter baton has been passed from our wonderful CEO & President, Niki Fielding, to me, Natalie Lorenzo, Client Experiences and Marketing Manager here at DBE. Niki left some mighty big shoes to fill, but we’ll make sure to have a blast as we run through the latest in digital marketing tea. Now, buckle up and keep your hands inside the vehicle for this week’s edition of What’s Hot Wednesday!

  • For our SEO fanatics, Search Engine Watch released an article that may help you rethink your approach to keyword research… especially now that exact-match is as precise as a pig on ice.
  • Speaking of keyword optimization, Search Engine Land has this article: “Surprise: ‘Near me’ brand names don’t rank higher for ‘near me’ searches”. To no one’s surprise, the article says optimizing ‘near me’ keywords is no longer a valid strategy. Optimizing your Google Business Profile is a better strategy for being found locally. What the article doesn’t say is that using ‘near me’ keywords is still a very viable strategy for paid search ads. Get the rest of the scoop here.

Do Good Spotlight

? Food Not Bombs ?

Food Not Bombs has been working to combat world hunger since 1980. Their all-volunteer movement provides people with food insecurity organic produce, bread and other foods at locations across the world. Even though they provide meals and groceries to thousands of people, they are not a charity. Food Not Bombs is trying to inspire the public to participate in changing society and focus resources on solving problems like hunger, homelessness and poverty while seeking an end to war and the destruction of the environment. They are also showing by example that organizations can work cooperatively with leaders through volunteer efforts to provide essential needs like food, housing, education, and healthcare. See how you can help the cause today!

  • College graduation season is upon us. ? Asking the right questions when hiring entry-level marketing talent is crucial. See what Search Engine Land has to say on hiring when the hirees have limited experience.
  • Google is giving us those *new-look-who-dis vibes*. Instead of ‘ad’ showing up, ‘sponsored’ and ‘advertisement’ may show up too. ? See what this could mean for your ads.

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