How do you do? 🤠

It’s 2/22/23. That’s a lot of twos.

Hey, this rhyming game is keeping me amused.

Stay tuned for lots of great news!

  • Will Chat GPT replace Google? 🤔 Moz is saying no. Why? ChatGPT is more of a “robot friend” who answers your questions, while Google has a leg up on attribution, giving people more context (which ultimately makes it more credible).
  • What moments in the Super Bowl generated the highest volume of discussion? What were the top 10 ads for delivering the highest purchase intent? Martech has the scoop here.
  • Oldie but a goody: Instagram has been trying on the search engine outfit since mid-2022. To gain reach and visibility overall, most people used to think: #HASHTAGS#. But, actually, keyword-rich, SEO-optimized captions are the way to go.
  • eMarketer uses a chess graphic to show how generative AI is changing the game between Google and Microsoft. Don’t miss the small text at the bottom that references other players who are lining up to play, including Amazon, Meta, IBM, Watson, and more.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Charity Navigator 🌟

Ever get a little sketched when looking at a charity’s website? Hey, that’s natural. You want to make sure your support is going to the right place. Charity Navigator helps you find reputable charities you’re passionate about. Let’s give them a hand and support them, too: Charity Navigator.

  • Is an Apple Search Engine already here? 😲 I know we talked about this last year in another WHW, but it turns out with the iOS 14 update, Siri started drawing on Apple’s web index instead of Google’s.
  • Is that another annoying spam Instagram comment? *shakes head in disappointment* No worries, there’s a way to block annoying spam comments through your settings. Check it out!
  • QUICK ⏲ Who makes more money per post: Instagram or TikTok influencers? The answer may surprise you!

Happy last full week of February! I hope you are ready to spring into March!


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