What’s that in the sky?!

Is it a bird 🐤? A plane ✈? It’s What’s Hot Wednesday flying into your inbox! We’ve got a diversified portfolio of news and content for you to soak up. Let’s get to it!

  • How does happiness impact the workplace? Think with Google’s Future Ready series has a new episode with ideas on fostering happiness in the workplace and how brands can provide a “happiness boost” to their customers.
  • Facebook is really pushing users to stories. Now, they’re rolling AI-generated stories or “Advanced Stories”. This will allow Facebook to recommend stories for you based on previous uploaded images. My thought: if everything is automated, how is it social media?
  • Microsoft & Roku are uniting to improve ad buying experience and ad performance. This will offer unique cross-channel data insights for better targeting. We’ll have to keep our eyes on this partnership. 👀
  • Google must be huffing and puffing for breath with how quickly and how many A.I rivals have been approaching their search territory. Google’ project, Magi, is pulling together new features that would provide more personalized search experiences to be competitive.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Grow it Green Morristown 🌟

In honor of Earth Day this Saturday, we’re spotlighting a very green organization. Grow It Green Morristown creates sustainable farms and gardens and educates communities on healthy eating and environmental stewardship. The best part? The majority of the food grown is donated. Love that 💖. Find ways to support them: Grow it Green Morristown.

  • 🌱 On a green note, we’ve updated our Earth Day Charities blog with more impactful, nature-related charities and organizations. These are a few options we’ve donated to and we are happy to hear if you have more. Respond to this email if you’ve got a rockin’ nature charity you’d like us to add!
  • Here’s a very interesting picture of B2B buyers’ most valuable content types at each stage of the purchase journey via Marketing Charts. Couple of observations:
    • webinars are the only content to be deemed valuable in all three stages and
    • there is a clear shift to content that validates purchase for the final stage (e.g., demos, user reviews, ROI calculators, etc.).

Just some thoughts… 💭

Last week, Marc Engelsman, our Head of SEO, shared his thoughts on Google’s EEAT and what it means for your website. It’s jam-packed full of good info, so you gotta watch!

Read the transcript here!

  • What tasks are consumers looking for AI to automate? It’s not a surprise consumers are interested in AI-powered online search capabilities. But AI-generated recipes and AI-powered roadside assistance? 🤔

That’s all we got, so we’re just about ready to take off. 💨  Before we go, I want to wish you a super awesome rest of your week!

Ciao for now!


Speaking of flight…

Did you know flying squirrels can glide anywhere from 150 to 500 feet in the air?


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