I’m officially dubbing this edition of What’s Hot Wednesday, “The One About SAIO.” So it’ll be a nice mashup of new SEO strategy and the iconic show, Friends. See if you can count all the Friends references (answer at the bottom😀) while you catch up on Search Artificial Intelligence Optimization!

  • Big news 🥳 You can now check the accuracy of a Bard response by clicking a “Google it” button.
    • How it works: Sections of the Bard response will then be highlighted in green if Google Search can find similar content that validates the response – or orange when Google Search finds content that differs from the Bard response.
    • Our Thoughts: We’ve been testing this feature and, unfortunately, it doesn’t work as well as it could. The search query Bard generates doesn’t deliver the most relevant Google Search results.
    • Privacy Note: Also, Bard has extensions that allow Bard to access Google docs, Google email, Google Flights, and YouTube, and some other Google products. From our perspective, having Bard access your docs and email starts raising privacy questions that should be considered before trying these new features.
  • 32% of marketers say they are already using generative AI. 43% are actively considering using it. That’s 75% of marketers, according to Econsultancy’s “Future of Marketing Survey”. The survey also asked what use cases for generative AI were being pursued:
    • Number 1 was written content creation and copywriting.
    • Number 2 was SEO keyword research.
    • Clearly both of these demonstrate how marketers are using AI to support their traditional SEO programs. Not many are leveraging the idea of optimizing for chatbot citations like we are doing with our new SAIO strategy. Check out our latest posts about SAIO and some wins we’ve had implementing it. We promise, it’s not a moo point.
  • SEO was never really gone (some thought it on a break…), but it did have new competitors for a while as this article shared by Andrea Wolkofsky points out. With the conversational chatbots that include citations, we have a new service called SAIO (Search AI Optimization) that helps our clients to be found when conversational chatbots cite their sources. We’ve put together our SAIO knowledge to make it easy for you to learn about the latest trend in SEO.
  • On the flipside, Bing added a control to stop your website from being shown in Bing Chat. If you need this for specific pages of your site (for reasons like paywalls), learn how you can use the NOCACHE and NOARCHIVE tags to block visibility to Bing Chat.

Some Thoughts… 💭

Speaking of SAIO knowledge, we put together this SAIO and SEO FAQ to answer and breakdown some top questions on chatbots. Could we BE any more serious about this awesome new strategy???

Now let’s pivot, pivot, pivot onto Snapchat and this week’s Do Good Spotlight!

  • Snap and Microsoft are partnering to leverage Chat Ads API in Snapchat’s My AI. This will create a more targeted approach to ads.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Operation USA 🌟

Operation USA (otherwise known as OpUSA) has been helping people across the world recover from disasters, disease, and poverty for 44 years. They’ve delivered $450 million in aid for relief and development projects worldwide. Learn more and how to support: Operation USA.

Have a magnificent rest of your week!


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P.S. There were 6 references. How many did you get? 😁

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