Updated: 3/20/24

As part of our ongoing “human” learning process on conversational AI searches, we’ve been talking with the chatbots themselves about their “machine learning” processes. Today we’re sharing a recent Q&A session with Google’s Gemini (formerly Bard) that started with this simple question:

What do you know about Search Artificial Intelligence Optimization?

Here is Gemini’s response:

Bard SAIO response 10 20 23

Note that Gemini included DBE’s SEO/SAIO Iceberg graphic with a citation link to our SAIO LinkedIn post. Gemini is becoming more like Google SGE and Bing Copilot, in terms of providing citations. More on LinkedIn in a moment. First, let’s review Gemini’s response to our prompt for more information on how SAIO can be used to gain visibility for searches:

Bard SAIO Tactics 102323

It’s like Gemini is reading the DBE SAIO playbook! Now, let’s get back to LinkedIn and why it is being used by Gemini as a source for citation that fulfills the Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust (EEAT) model for helpful content:

Bard SAIO LinkedIn Response 102323

BTW, we first asked Gemini this question using X instead of Twitter but apparently Gemini had not been trained on the new name. Following this response, we asked Gemini to create a table comparing LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in terms of relevance and trust.

Bard SAIO LinkedIn Response 102323

We exported Gemini’s response and add our own subjective observations to create this table about SAIO, EEAT, and LinkedIn:

Update: You’ll see YouTube has now been added to the social channels in the above chart. We’ve found through our testing that YouTube can convey EEAT value depending on the authority of the source and the content. LinkedIn is still a more important channel for SAIO.

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