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Have you ever noticed how many hats we wear day-to-day? Sibling. Partner. Friend. Coworker. Volunteer. Parent. Athlete. Musician. They all could be full-time roles if we allowed them. First, give yourself a pat on the back for handling all those roles. Then, ask yourself… how’s the balance? Don’t forget about taking time for yourself to decompress. Much of the time, you can give yourself at least 10 minutes to reset (napping, taking a walk, etc.). If not, give yourself an elongated breath.

Now that we’re a little more centered, let’s put on our digital marketing hats, shall we? 🧙🏻🧙🏽‍♂️


  • Search Engine Land covers Google’s new AI model “Gemini” that is being integrated with Search, Google SGE, Bard, and Ads. The article includes snippets of an interview with Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai. Here’s one of the quotes we found interesting:

Pichai: “Our fundamental vision is that people come to search to experience the richness and the diversity of the web and the content ecosystem. So even though with search generative experience we can expand what we do, we’re actually designing the product in a way so that people can go explore. And I think that’s what users want. I view it as a fundamental value proposition of search, so that’d be part of our goal as we evolve the product.”

So it sounds like rather than being just an answer machine, Google is still looking to connect searchers to other websites as part of their search journey. We’ll be watching closely as this AI-driven story evolves.

  • Speaking of AI (as we often do), here’s a warning about how using AI for automating prospecting emails can be counter-productive. Bottom line: whatever you are using AI for, best practice is to pay close attention to the output before releasing into the real world.
  • Interested in seeing B2C Marketer’s Biggest Ethical Concerns with AI? Look no further as MarketingCharts has the results of a recent survey. Not a big surprise “privacy invasion” is at the top of the list but “biased content” at the bottom?

DBE Perspective… 💭

SAIO & SEO have more in common than they seem. Parts of the strategies are strikingly different (like keyword optimization), but they both help you reach a goal of increased visibility across organic channels. Marc Engelsman takes you through the best practices and effects of SEO/SAIO on each other in “The Yin and Yang of SEO and SAIO (or is it SAIO and SEO?).”

The Yin & Yang of SEO & SAIO" is in bold white type at the top of the image. A Yin/yang symbol with SEO taking one side and SAIO taking the other is underneath.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟Home for Good Dog Rescue🌟

Home for Good Dog Rescue has saved 10,000 dogs in 11 years! Think of how many games of fetch, dog piles, and doggie play dates were enjoyed because of their work. Home for Good Dog saves dogs from kill shelters in the South and places them with foster families until they get placed in forever homes. Check out their website and fall in love with their pups on socials. 💖

Digital Marketing

  • We’ve talked about X’s Grok before. Did you know that it answers in a “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”- esque way… suggesting questions to ask and responding with hardy sarcasm, and real-time Tweets. Yes, this is cool, but X has its dark side of misinformation and bias. How will those play out in their new xAI?
  • The global advertising market is showing positive results despite the challenging year of inflation and conflict. The overall market is expected to improve in 2024, specifically around major events like the Olympics and the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election.
  • You may have seen these floating around LinkedIn… Collaborative articles are becoming increasingly popular (at least in my feed). Basically, a group of experts are invited to provide knowledge and insights on a general question. Anyone can view or interact with these articles. These are another great way to build up your LinkedIn thought leadership!

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