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What have been the best things about your day so far? For me, it’s birds chirping outside, watching the dogs nap next to me, and a warm cup of chai. When we get caught up in the business and craziness of everyday life, sometimes it’s helpful to pause and point out the things that are positive and present. Just a thought as you continue with your day. 🙂

Are you ready for the digital marketing extravaganza? *switches on marketer hat* Let’s do this!


  • We’ve been reporting on the potential impact of Google SGE on organic search visibility in SERPs for a while now. Search Engine Land confirms and shows how Google Ads will still be prominently displayed in SGE search results. And, from our perspective, it further reinforces how the traditional organic search results are in danger of being pushed “below the scroll.”
  • Tom Fishbourne had a funny take on SEO and AI content in this week’s Marketoonist Take a look and read his write-up below the image. It includes insights from Jono Alderson, former head of SEO at Yoast, and Ann Handley who is a well-respected digital marketing pioneer and founder of MarketingProfs.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 The Katie Moore Foundation 🌟

Patients of rare cancers are often faced with no clear treatment options. The Katie Moore Foundation was created to conduct critical research on rare cancers. Together with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, their goal is that one day, patients with rare cancers will be able to benefit from precision medicine and thereby drastically improve outcomes. Learn more: The Katie Moore Foundation.

Thank you, Joe McGarvey, for sharing this recommendation!

Digital Marketing

  • “Have you ever noticed in the marketing industry that seemingly impressive statistics, often showcasing a startling new trend, can sometimes have unclear origins?” That’s Econsultancy’s opening line for their article “How bad stats snowball.” The article provides tips for how not to fall into this trap: “If you’re citing a statistic, make sure you find the original source; ask yourself whether a stat reflects your own observations; and cite your stats responsibly.”
  • Is there a correlation between readership and social media engagement on articles? According to a Memo study in this Social Media Today article, there is not! But people have been increasingly sharing through DMs. Takeaways: social media engagement is important, but also know that there are many ways to deliver your articles to the public and many ways for the public to interact with them.
  • Hosting a presentation sometime soon? Briar Goldberg, Director of Speech Coaching at TED Conferences, gave a short talk on how to prepare for presentations… it has to be a mix of memorization and “winging it.” Here’s her video!
  • Social algorithms are always cha-cha-cha-cha-changin’. Are you up to date on it all? Hootsuite has the details.
  • Reddit is testing its new Reddit Pro data analytics suite. New features include publishing tools, performance analytics, and AI-powered insights. You can sign up to join the test!

Keep on keepin’ on, y’all!


Did you know bulls are colorblind?

Turns out dancing and waving a cape of any color (not just red) could make a bull angry. 🐂

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