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  • How do Perplexity searches differ from Google? This article could have used Google SGE examples for a more ai-pples-to-ai-pples comparison (pun courtesy of Marc Engelsman). However, you quickly see the stark (and welcome) difference of Perplexity’s ad-free environment. Time will tell if Perplexity will show ads for revenue.

Do Good Spotlight
🌠 RefuSHE 🌠

RefuSHE champions a powerful, life-changing mission to protect, educate and empower refugee girls and women. Based in Kenya, they have offered services to over 3,150 refugee girls, women and their children in East Africa. They offer services in mental health, legal aid, education, safe housing, and more. Read more about what they do: RefuSHE.

Digital Marketing

  • What is the top impacting factor on a person’s perception of brands on social media? Would you be surprised if I said content? A recent study by Sprout Social supports this. Content ranked over how fast the brand responds and how personalized the responses are. So whatever you post – make it worthy of your audience’s time!
  • Meta introduced new AI-powered tools for the Creator Marketplace and Advantage+ creatives in ad campaigns. The improved Image Expansion feature is said to allow more natural-looking image ads on the platform. As with any new feature, please check all creatives as thoroughly as possible.
  • Does B2B have to be the “boring” sibling to B2C? Liam Moroney poses this thought in MarTech. If you look at B2B with the perspective of quick sales, many opportunities for awareness and audience-building are missed. Marketing and sales are their own separate channels that require their own objectives and finesse.
  • Speaking of B2B, how can you utilize AI-powered tools to find and engage the right decision makers? Ruth Stevens describes how to use Demandbase, Anteriad, and 6sense. Check it out!
  • After debate between Elon Musk and the X team, they decided to decrease the impact of blocking users. If a blocked user replies to your post, you will be able to see it and report/respond to it. Andrew Hutchinson from Social Media Today has an interesting opinion as to whether it will last because some people want to be fully separated from select profiles.

Thoughts to Take With You… 💞

When was the last time you really looked out a window?

Every time you look out a window, it’s a little different. Leaves on a tree are rearranged. Different people may be walking, running, or riding bikes. The sunlight is shining on the Earth at a slightly different angle today than yesterday. 

The point is… there’s always something new and different to appreciate. Like the window, each day, there is something new and different to appreciate. We just have to be open and present to look.

Happy Wednesday!


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