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  • TikTok CopyCats: 🎶🐱
    • Facebook is sunsetting its original platform model for a TikTok-esque algorithm that sorts content based on the preferences of strangers worldwide. Will this be a smart change for the future or just make users switch to other channels like Discord?
    • The people are asking for Instagram With the platform algorithm continuing to lean toward short-form video content, people are saying Insta is transforming into a second TikTok. There’s even a petition to revert back to the old algorithm… endorsed by celebs including, Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian.
  • Adweek reports “Google Pushes Third-Party Cookie Demise to 2024.” They say they are doing this so they can test the new Google Privacy Sandbox. However, no matter what the timing, marketers still need to prepare for the cookie-less world.
  • Thinking of dipping your toe into the Google Ads Performance Max pool? Know the pros and cons first. Check out this article from Wordstream.
  • FYI – The dominant strategy to go mid-roll or post-roll on YouTube Ads is different from the 97% other video platforms (whose advertisers prefer to use pre-roll positions). This seems to be significantly slowing YouTube’s ad revenue roll (pun intended).

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 The Kim Foundation 🌟

It’s Wellness Month, so we plan to support programs with health and wellness initiatives every Wednesday during August! Our first is The Kim Foundation which “was established to give back to the community and to facilitate change in the behavioral health field.” The foundation continually aims to increase awareness and provide services around mental health and suicide prevention: https://thekimfoundation.org/

If you have a charity or foundation you support, share it with us via info@digitalbrandexpressions.com.

  • Combine the power of SEO and Paid Search with ⚡keywords!⚡ Moz takes you through every step (and the steps between those steps) in this insightful article.
  • We all know search marketing (SEO and Paid Search) are valued as “intent”-driven channels. Here are 12 micro intents that can help you develop relevant content that will not only attract visitors but drive them further towards conversion.
  • What are shoppers so conflicted about? We are seeing an increase in discretionary shopping, yet many are postponing big purchases. Read what Google’s been seeing in this Insights Briefing.

Wishing everyone a healthy and happy August!



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