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Seriously, you’re gonna wanna read this totally fetch edition of your favorite digital marketing newsletter. (Sorry, Mean Girls Day was on Monday, and I’m releasing this post on a Wednesday…can’t help but steal a few movie quips and quotes!) So, let’s get started!

  • You’ve heard about AI-generated art before. Now, Facebook jumped on the bandwagon with Make-A-Video, an AI that generates videos from text. People have a lot to say about it. Here’s one opinion from Andrew Hutchinson in Social Media Today.
  • Check out the latest Google Search updates and innovations from the Google Search On 2022 Highlights include “multisearch” (that lets you search via images and text at the same time) and Business Messages (that will let consumers message brands through search ads).
  • Who made it in Gen Z’s Favorite Brand book?? Morning Consult gives us a surprisingly unsurprising review of the post-Millennial mindset including how theirs compares with the general public.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Sunny Ronald’s Lemonade Stand 🌟

We have always loved the message behind Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Our team members just supported Sunny Ronald’s Lemonade Stand to help fund the cure for childhood cancer. See how you can support the cause, too.

  • What most affects US social media users’ decision to engage with ads/sponsored content on social media platforms? eMarketer reports:
    • 52% say a platform’s privacy and data practices are extremely impactful
    • Only 13% say “the platform shows me relevant ads” is extremely impactful. Check out the other factors here.

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