Comfy Copywriting, #Authentic, & TikTok Shop

By |09/07/2022|

Howdy Ho! Hoping you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend 🎉. As hard workers, we all need a little break sometimes. We’re happy to have you back. Now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for…. TikTok’s opening up… *drumroll ...

Snapchat Desktop, Conversion-Worthy Websites, & Jaws?

By |07/27/2022|

Duh-DUH…Duh-DUH… DUHDUHDUHDUH 🦈 Put down the popcorn! 🍿 Time to take a break from binging Shark Week to get your digital marketing gossip… Drumroll, please. 🥁 Snapchat is coming to a desktop near you after 10 years of being ...

Niki’s Notes October 20, 2021

By |10/20/2021|

This week’s theme is cool stuff going on around us. I hope it sparks your imagination like it did mine and that you find ways to apply those sparks to your business: We’re getting closer to teleporting. Right now we’ve ...