Happy 2023 🎈🎉🥳

Welcome to another year of kicking butt and taking names, digital marketing friends. I hope you had some time to relax and are getting H-Y-P-E for the year to come. Let’s get this party started!

Why We 💗 What We Do…

You may have heard, but our phenomenal President & CEO, Niki, appeared on TWO podcasts this year (already). If you haven’t checked them out, you need to. Like, now. 🎧

INspired INsider hosted by Dr. Jeremy Weisz

The Limitless podcast with Johanna Buchweitz

  • Start with this article from McKinsey that opens with ChatGPTs response to the prompt about writing the opening paragraph about how transformative generative AI will be for business…. It’s pretty amazing.
  • Next, for more about potential applications and disruptions ChatGPT could cause in the search world, check out Search Engine Journal’s ongoing news story.
  • And Search Engine Land just weighed in with this about Microsoft adding ChatGPT features to Bing Search. It includes their take that maybe Google isn’t in a “code red” situation.
  • (And, no, this segment of WHW was not generated by ChatGPT – all human-generated content here at DBE.)

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Evidence Action 🌟

Evidence Action’s goal is “[r]educing poverty and spurring growth in developing countries requires strategic, high-value investment of scarce resources, whether they come from donors, governments, or communities.” Some of their initiatives include delivering safe water and providing treatments for parasitic infections. See how you can help: Evidence Action.

  • Like good wine 🍷, TikTok is maturing 🎶. There is a wealth of ad formats for advertisers to choose from now, and TikTok advertising spend is going up for many companies. Get the deets on DigiDay.
  • Speaking of advertising $$$, Google and Facebook are losing advertising market share as TikTok, Amazon, and others grow.

We wish you smooth sailing as you get into ya 2023 groove. 🕺🏿💃🏼

Keep rockin’ it!🎸


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