How’s March treating you? So far so good here in Princeton…

Each week I try to surface stories that inspire, inform, and/or spark new thinking among executives looking to lead with confident kindness. This week, I kept coming across stories about workers in some kind of distress.

So, while I try to keep Niki’s Notes upbeat, sometimes the message that keeps coming through to me, that I want to pass along to you isn’t a positive one, but it can lead to positive changes if we work together. And on that note, here we go:

  • The big tech layoffs keep making news, but not every industry is letting people go. In fact, many are working hard to retain employees and to recruit new team members. What’s going on? Good read from The New York Times. Lots of stats. (And if you’ve been following my random posts, you know what I think about those copycat big tech layoffs and shareholder value.)
  • Check in with the working moms in your company. Their collective story is super challenging and this from Fast Company sums up the why’s.
  • You can see I spent a lot of time on Fast Company over the last week or so…. Here’s one more from them. Sunday Scaries are getting worse, it’s not your imagination. What can you do for yourself and your team to address this?
  • And to address the Sunday Scaries, this executive recommends “Bare Minimum Mondays”. Would it work for you? Note from Niki: I have been doing a version of this for the last year and it does help me manage the conflicting challenges that seem to be barking at the door as soon as the clock strikes Monday. Happy to talk about it with you, but in the meantime, check out this from Business Insider.
  • We’re all noticing Gen Z is quite different from the generation before them. Here’s a snippet from an interview with a branding expert who is a GenZer himself. Truly brilliant points, here’s a snippet from the full interview:

“The reason I think this generation has currently and deserves a different type of focus is their ability to exert their own influence. Thanks to technology, a 12-year-old has the same ability as a 45-year-old does to influence culture—maybe even a greater one because of their familiarity with technology. Platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram mean anyone can go viral.

On the flip side of that, they have access, but this generation has been on the receiving end of more information at a faster rate than any generation before. It’s impacted their mental health and the way they behave. Everything is changing at a faster and faster rate.”

For me, that really hit home. So much news about mental health issues and workplace stress for everyone, but the rest of us have a pre-Covid work world framework to reference. Younger employees, not so much. Let’s raise our consciousness on this and think about new ways to help them help us help them. (Thank you, Jerry Maguire.)

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation 🌟

I was at a Flyers hockey game with friends on Feb. 12. Behind us was a father and his daughter; she was about 4 years old. We couldn’t help but overhear his wonderful parenting throughout the game, and his daughter, Jess, was a sweetheart. She sang the cheers, he explained the game, they were clearly having fun. When the game was over, I tapped him on the shoulder and whispered to him how impressed we were with his parenting. He thanked us for the compliments, and I asked him if he had a favorite charity.

He said it’s JDRF, and I learned it’s the leading global organization funding Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) research. They’ve been searching for a cure since 1970. In addition to research, they offer many resources to those affected by the disease.

We so often see people struggling to parent for the long term, not just the moment. Jess’ dad rocked it on all counts, and I want to pass along the mini-high I got from them to something he cares about. So this week’s donation went to JDRF in honor of Jess and her dad.

  • World of worry keeping you awake at night? Wirecutter has some tips for you to get to sleep faster.
  • Working from a desk a good part of the day? HF Planners did this quick video to ensure you’ve got your desk/chair/screens in the right positions for optimal comfort and health. And if your office space needs a refresh, they’re an excellent resource for companies of all sizes.

Noteworthy 🖋
Women Beyond the Table

This is an emerging organization for women business owners and managers who have services to others like themselves. Each member brings a unique skillset to the table, and together, by pooling knowledge, they help advance each other.

Whether it is building a business, providing solutions and services, accessing their inner leader, or just being each other’s sounding board, WBTT helps members align to create a safe space to discuss challenges and opportunities to foster growth. The goal is to synergistically build something more significant in business and increase abundance in all areas of their lives. If you or someone you know would want to join to support others as well as receive support, check them out here.

And to wrap up this week’s issue, I’m taking my own medicine and enjoying some time off for the next two weeks, so no Niki’s Notes on March 9 and March 16. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to share in the March 23 issue.

In the meantime, stay well, stay strong, and please pay attention to the people around you who may be struggling more than they let on. There are lots of resources available to help once we know what someone’s challenges are. Reach out if you need me, and thanks for reading.


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