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I’m sure you missed your favorite digital marketing newsletter last week! Don’t fret, we’re back with all the juicy stories you’ve been waiting for. Commence the digital marketing nerd-out!

  • ChatGPT’s got sick new features, including prompt examples and file upload (woot woot)! Search Engine Journal has got more deets.
  • Is old content on your website helping or hurting your SEO? Search Engine Land weighs in on the practice of content pruning using a recent purge of CNET pages as fodder for discussion. Bottom line: we value how helpful the content is to users; not how old it is. So, if the old content isn’t helpful, bid it farewell.
  • You, too, can earn this snazzy badge from Google. This Introduction to Generative AI course provides a good foundation for how generative AI works and its potential applications. It doesn’t explain how Generative AI can be used for paid or organic search optimization but, if you’ve been following along, you probably already have some ideas.
  • To no one’s surprise, companies with flexible work options have been hiring faster than those who don’t, according to WSJ. One key finding in the story is that “workers view hybrid work arrangements as equal to an 8% pay increase”.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 Helping Local Teachers 🌟

Over 90% of teachers pay for supplies for their classrooms from their own pockets, even though teaching is among the lowest paid professions. If you know a teacher, think about asking them if they have a list of items needed for their rooms and if they would like help funding those. Every little bit helps, and isn’t this an easy way to pay it forward?

Google’s Updates:

○ In advance of the holidays, Google has improved insights to help marketers gain early learnings to shape their campaigns and bidding strategies. Changes include expanding access to the Search top slot, reducing onboarding time for local inventory ads, and enabling marketers to quantify the impact of online-only bidding vs. Smart Bidding for store visits.
○ If you’re doing the backend work for websites, you might want to check out the changes to HowTo and FAQ rich results.
Performance Max best practices received an update… check em out!

Why We 💗 What We Do…

Digital marketing is ever-changing and with the addition of artificial intelligence,… let’s just say we’re geeking out 🤓.

We’ve coined a new term for optimizing your website for artificial intelligence. We call it Search Artificial Intelligence Optimization (SAIO, pronounced “Say-oh”). Get a quick glance below and read our article!

  • Pinterest may have seen slower QoQ growth in users, BUT it also saw an increase in engagement and younger users. See more in Marketing Dive.

Quick Tip ✏️

If you’re generating awesome, original content for your website, you’d want to know if there’s a copycat floating it around as their own. Copyscape is a great way to check for copies of your content elsewhere. Just paste the website address and it will scour the web for copycats.

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