Our Office Manager, Stacy, pointed out that Gratitude Day is September 21st (tomorrow). I am just going to take a second to share some gratitudes:

  • You, as dedicated professional who likes to nerd out on digital marketing news with me
  • A spectacularly talented (and incredibly fun) team to share the workday with
  • My pets that sleep next to my desk as I work (too cute)

Now back to business, get ready for your weekly dose of digital marketing news. Plus, stay tuned to the end for a surprise knowledge tidbit in the theme of the Gratitude Day. And here we GOOOO!

  • 66% of social media managers report that they have too many responsibilities. 52% of social marketers studied journalism, communications, media, or marketing in school. Learn more interesting disparities and strides forward for social media managers in Hootsuite’s 2023 Social Media Career Report.
  • Looking to make your AI prompts better? Search Engine Land has a “Best of the Bot: Optimizing a Contact Us page for Google E-E-A-T” article that showcases Search Engine Land Bot’s responses to prompts submitted by readers. We’ve highlighted some great tips from the article:
    • It demonstrates the importance of the prompt(s) you give a ChatBot and provides an example of an updated prompt that includes the key elements of task, context, format, and text to guide the ChatBot to provide a more valuable response.
    • There are “Footnotes (from Search Engine Land’s human editors)” that clarify and correct the ChatBot’s responses. In short, remember GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) when writing prompts and be sure to take the “trust, but verify” approach when dealing with generative AI ChatBots.

Do Good Spotlight
🌟 4-H Council 🌟

Who took part in 4-H as a kid? I am just learning more about it now, and it looks really awesome. It gives kids the opportunity to take part in hands-on projects in science, health, agriculture, and civic engagement. They do a lot of great things. Here’s how to support them: 4-H Council.

  • MarTech covers a new Gartner report that “challenges conventional wisdom on holiday marketing.” The usual focus of marketing to holiday shoppers is on price and savings. Gartner’s report suggests that this year’s marketing focus should also include ESG values of the company and its products to appeal to the GenZ and Millennial audiences.

Why We 💗 What We Do…

One of our best team qualities is our ability to stay connected while remote. Stacy Sarno, our Office Manager extraordinaire, and I pulled together our best methods to share with your team. Check it out: Staying Connected with Your Remote Team

  • Google is committed to using AI through Performance Max, which has led to more conversions for advertisers, according to Google. They, also, claim advertisers have gotten more conversions at a similar cost per action but don’t say anything about overall cost. We’re keeping an eye on it….

Einstein said, “…the past, present, and the future are real illusions, that they only exist in the present, which is what there is and all there is.” Wrapping it up in a pretty bow, that means there is only now. The past and future only exist when we think of them in the present moment. So truly experience the moment you’re in. Don’t let it slip away without a conscious gratitude.


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I thank you for your dedication to read to the end of this article. You’re awesome. 👏

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