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Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Workplaces

Niki’s Notes for Compassionate Workplaces

Niki’s Notes September 21, 2023

1 minute of humanity You’re welcome. 😊 Hi, I hope you’re vibing higher as we like to say around here – attracting the good that comes with staying at ...


Niki’s Notes September 14, 2023

Hi, I’ve been sharing time with family, friends, and complete strangers a lot lately, with all the emotions that go with them: we lost a young family member to cancer ...


Niki’s Notes September 7, 2023

Hi, Well, it’s officially unofficially autumn. Let’s enjoy the smooth slide into crisp color and refreshing breezes. Before we get to this week’s shares, I want to ask a favor ...


Niki’s Notes 08 31 23

Hi, I’m writing this on Sunday, August 27, sitting on my deck enjoying the no’s: no bugs, no humidity, no clouds. Just lots of natural noise and the occasional ...


Niki’s Notes 08 24 23

Hi, First, I’d like to thank the people taking the time to complement this weekly refueling station for people leading teams with strength and compassion. We collectively strive daily ...


Niki’s Notes August 17, 2023

Hi, As we ready ourselves for pumpkin spice everything, let’s first enjoy the last weeks of summer activities before we pivot to adoring the autumn leaves and that refreshing morning ...


Niki’s Notes August 3, 2023

How’s It Going? Last week was a crazy one! I kept marveling at how I wasn’t reacting to the shifts going on all around me, especially on Wednesday, when ...


Niki’s Notes July 27, 2023

Hi, It’s not you. It’s very challenging to be a human right now, even harder to be a consciously good one, and harder still to lead others with compassion ...


Niki’s Notes July 20, 2023

Hi, This week’s issue alights on the topics of culture and location and how they affect our world of work. But first, how are you doing? Are you keeping ...


Niki’s Notes July 6, 2023

Hi, “Be obsessed or be average.” --Grant Cardone Someone posted that quote on Instagram, and I liked it so much I wanted to check if it was really a Grant ...


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